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The second half and just go from narrows it it was an interesting fun firsthalf but it was pretty much what we expected except for the first thirty seconds of the ball game turnovers wise to for monarch one for randpark kion cross coughed it up on a rhyme an horses turnover and then at the two interceptions of uh cj sh manzke so three turnovers total but the railroad hartland was when rough though you that was in all that was total ball security was uh big lau in a pile like a loaf of bread and he really had nowhere to go at that point i'm sure the coach talked to him we won't see that again and a half uh right embryo rookie and jake pavley bbe intersex actually i'm back to back dries but as you head the second one was with seven seconds left and a half there by the time by pavel there was no time on the clock anyway so that uh uh one ages heave it up in in a hope for the past but still you on this one in the turnover more yet and when you're to ball control offenses that matters being minus one in the turnover martin no absolutely it does in i'm surprised that on any passing play that its mattered in the first half they went too big tied in christiansen on of them listed as a tied edgy leading he he splits out wide a lot but he also gets on the end of the big prize that they keep going back to that because that's easy to defend if you know they're gonna go to that guy ozzie do is play a corner on him and then have the safety shadow that way you're you're not worried about anything else monarch has the road i believe four passes yes game three of them have gone yup christian since uh way store outran part a very similar jerry uh uh on the screen pass he takes it in from eleven yards out for a touchdown but other than that crosses targeted gonzalez's twice once was dropped at a huge play iran party lands of goods all right and then a couple of plays later that's when cross cough dean the ball out um so there's been at some missed opportunities certainly in the past the.

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