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Did fashion before your we can all say it and agree because you are literally one of the best dress. Jefferson real life and like on internet consistent consistent. Just there's i've you're just wearing like random t shirt or just never seen you know. I've been at home. It's also weird too complex complexity. Complain if i walked by a mirror at my house and i look ugly ugly. So if i'm on point for myself. I walk around like he's still got it. I do that. I feel like i get really lazy at home and then i'll be like all sad grown like i'm fat ugly. I didn't i whatever and that's because i'm a mess for yourself yourself. Your lipstick yeah. Maybe i'll do my hair. I put fragrance on. I have fragrance for my living like for each different room but no different fragrant i have. I have my north on radio being able to extract the gets. It's very much your your putin's it's your kitty cat. If you're gonna have your contact it's my parents call it. Blue line used to shave before and a lot of people don't know that one. Yeah but i do for myself. 'cause you know when i take it out and i go pee. It's most soga wait to go feed you with. If i'm jumping toilets. You always spree especially always free look healthy enough to put stuff but like like like you have yet. I do a little omar like address. And i'm like i'm going to be outside and feel like i'm kind of like open lake. Give it a little splash. I mean before. Y'all look. Take my word do it and then when you go pee of welcome you're welcome. I wanna know what yours both smell like to after. Let us not pick you know what's going on What acts Lord carlos look i love him in a minute. Act like the right action. Works perfectly made the same. I fucking bad rap. That works oh. I don't know about china has also. Yeah my was out of my daughter. And i put an accident. I was like my god. You smell so good out there. Like the the manley. Musk that you like someone just cheapness. Yeah thirty very pleased. Yes a all right guys and we are back from break with our special guests. Miami maria must thank you for being here for having me in so excited like i have to say for those for those of us listening. You have the dopes personal style. Like right now. What you're wearing is willing and she okay. I ask early work if i look like. Let the steve jobs. Oh my god oh he he goes. I don't know like we're gonna report. I need the answer that i wanted to just say it's funny. Throw a hose. Well so you're here but looks really good in those genes by say earlier. I want everybody on the record. I wanna talk. Joe today and every day i need this thank you. You did our live show and you did like a musical comedic performance which killed it was very funny. Do you wanna talk about. That is so i sang a song called bocek on and a butcher is basically a derogatory term for an americanized mexican Which is me. 'cause i when i got to better like i was learning spanish. So i matched up with my favorite mexican pastry guangzhou to other people means but jonah which clear. It's not wrong. Sweet bread sweet bread. I mean for john which is whatever. China is a sweet authentic and all the ways. Yeah i sing this song about you. Know what. It's like to be a book on java and Just like when people come up to me and try to speak spanish now now. I'm better because i did a video. Where like. I had to learn spanish in sixty days and like it hit it did well and now i'm at the point. Roman okay like. I got this like It's it's it's in progress work babble wondering good. What did you use. Actually what what platform the jews had a teacher. Oh a tutor. Who taught me and it was great. He was very patient with me. Because i was like. I can do this all and then i'm an area so a second there's tons of aries here rises not aires energy. When when is your birthday march twenty. Do you know your your moon. May may moon is aries. Whole that mean. It means a lot of fun little water. We've talked about this. There is so is jordan. And i'm the only which is after area so i guess that may them ground. Yeah gachet their time. This comes out in an interview just saying the other times you said it is no no no no no no. It was that before. What are you talking about. Is i recognize earth signs because we need our science. They have a lot of fire signs around them. Who tried to like find your. Yeah yeah they have to leak rico. The little water zoo the benito to spanish a key presents this week. We're doing a more politically minded episode. We were lucky enough to interview secretary castro about his presidential campaign. We asked him a few questions about policy and get his drag name pizza or burrito. Come on isa outside of the oni pizza. You could have one town that you don't already have. What would it be. That's a good one probably like singing along binding instrument. Do you have a favorite quote that you like to like say to people Really.

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