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Song draft tomorrow. Toto, not not making an appearance on my board Africa, maybe not Rosanna no interest in this. Joe mate job might be telling us. Yeah. This is a song. He likes. I don't know. What night not play any song? That would be on my board. When you also think that I I don't know. Maybe yes could be a reverse smokescreen going on here. There are just too many songs. That's the bottom line, right? This is just not your standard-issue bumps back into the show. That's true. That is for sure. This is not in regular rotation. Jodi, have your list of ten. Fantasy list of ten. Yeah. Will you be the sort of the the witness or the observer here Joe, and I are making a bet. Okay. Joe? And I have a draft next Saturday February fix fantasy football for twenty nineteen. We draft the day before the Super Bowl. We did the draft order at random today on a twelve I'm eleven he's twelve. So I said, let's bet on the top ten. Okay. And we'll do that fast. Like before we talk to anybody else in the league who might say something and somebody could hear this. But they shouldn't ever who cares. It'll just be like for small small potatoes. But Joe I'll tell you my list, and you tell me if the same guys are on yours. Because a lot of these guys probably will be the same. I think at least five at the top saquon Barkley Todd Gurley Ezekiel Elliott, Alvin Kamara Christian McCaffrey. Yep. You have all those guys. Do do. You have Michael Thomas. Yes. Do you have de'andre Hopkins? Yes. Do you have David Johnson? No, okay. I have David Johnson. I have Melvin Gordon. Yes. And I have Travis Kelsey. No. So it's Johnson. Kelsey for me who are your two that are different levian bell jeans, Connor bell and Connor. Belda Miami bell to Miami is the latest that he wants to go to my right? There was also. Who who said Bella Miami? I'm trying to but as a reporter whose name I did not recall Kohl's his name, Jason Colino. Okay. He said that. Yeah. There's there's also a report a couple of weeks ago that he wanted the plan. Indeed, though. So right, but the key is who wants him, right? Indianapolis seems all set. I mean levian bells. Great and they've got a crap ton of money to spend. But I don't know that they need to spend that money on him. I would say no, I mean, no, maybe nobody needs to spend that money on him. But whatever, right. But Indianapolis, look they look good. They don't have a levian bell guy. But they've got like two or three guys that seem decent. So I don't know if that makes sense, so yeah. Miami Miami's perfect there. Miami's perfect. This is perfect. Yup. What was I supposed to be witnessing? You just you know, the bat is who will be picked in the top ten in our draft. I have that David Johnson and Travis Kelsey will be all right. And he has the Levy on bell James Connor will be the other guys are all the same. Okay. Yeah. All right. I I like the idea of bell. I think I like the idea of bell more than Connor whose name you don't hear here Antonio Brown who has always been that easily in the top ten updrafts. And really is there. Good reason to think next year, he won't produce. No. And in fantasy you care what team is on. Because that that's a factor. It's a big factor in Hollywood project him, but wherever he's playing he is going to be the number one receiver, right? And look I don't want to confuse. Like for for the purposes of this like top ten fantasy draft. I think you don't want to leave anything to chance, and you have to do this before you're going to know where he's going to go play. I still want to bet on him being in Pittsburgh that still where I'm standing and if he's still in Pittsburgh, then he's gonna catch one hundred twenty passes and scored twelve touchdowns. You'll get out of bed and do that. That's what he does this year. What it was what like one oh four or one one of the two juju had number and he had the other like that. And he had fifteen. Touchdown catches that I hear that. Right. Because I heard that from Joe last week, and I couldn't believe it, right? So. I think you'll end up there. But that doesn't mean I would want to pick him for sure next Saturday or Sunday whenever you're doing this. I didn't have a lot of Antonio Brown and all those leagues, and the reason is because I was in the crowd. The large crowd of players who thought it was really risky to take a wide receiver that early 'cause running backs. They're only a few this year's maybe different. I mean, there are some other running backs who I have David Johnson on here. He's got Connor. There's bell Delvin. Cook is interesting Joe mixon is good like he's a clear number one on a team there. They're going to address offense. They'll have most of their good players back. He produced Nick Chubb. I think is interesting there too. So I don't know if that's more or less like you don't have hunt anymore at least for now. You don't have four net right now, you could what is Hans staticy on the Commissioner's exempt list he is released. Right. He is not on a team. Right. So he's a free agent. But was he is there? With hats happen or will he not get punished until he gets back on the team? If somebody signs him is the commission go, hey, you know, you did that thing. So you're gonna have to sit out. I don't know what's happening there in one way or another. I think that's what will happen. Any team that moves on him will wanna know? And you know, maybe we'll we'll find out what the plan is. I mean, I think I don't know how long a listener is. I know there are two or three incidents with hunt. And he's a young guy that matters. I would think that he might get six games at some point. I mean up to a year. I don't think he gets any kind of lifetime ban. No. So a year would be really strict, but it's I guess possible more possible or more likely to me is like a six game suspension. Elliott got and. I mean, the president's the president's are all over the place. Right. But maybe something like that. And I think teams will sign him. Somebody's gonna sign him for that price. Sure. Some I mean, he got he got released and there was video. And like, that's that always makes it worse. But like hell the some the linebacker that Washington picked up foster foster that keeps happening. So teams the teams will do it. They will take whatever amount of rain is gonna fall on them. When they do it. And. Extent, maybe some people never stop bugging them about it. But it gets drowned out in this get through it seems I don't care. I mean, they've proven time. And again, they don't really care. Otherwise Golic foster would never got claimed. It's so go, so yeah, I'd hunt absolutely east. How old is he twenty four. He's young. I mean, he ends up. He absolutely ends up on a team Ray rice was at the end of his career, right? This guy is in his prime. Right. It's too it. It'll be too tempting not to make a move on him. Joe? I think he gets picked next Saturday. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely Twenty-three, by the way, easy on twenty three. Yeah. Definitely. I I mean, if there's a point I would do it for sure what about naming Williams? Okay. Right. Well, speaking of the chiefs real quick here. Hunt was doing Damian Williams is on the chiefs. They did we have this. We'll definitely have it at five thirty that update went up in flames. Update was about as long as you watch. Follow that. I'm done. No, I've got news. Well, news might garafolo network. I think is that where he is the chiefs of hired Spagnolo to their D coordinator. So the wrecks idea there is dead. I wonder I I thought it from the beginning like did the chiefs ever really want that right or did ESPN do that as a favorite erects Rex Ryan like you throw my name out there? It's kind of desperate because you would think it's Rex's idea. Right. That that would have happened. But maybe maybe really liked it. But it didn't take very long. Maybe it's not bad for ESPN in any way. It's probably good for. Yes. PIN if the people that are on their TV shows their analysts are mentioned for jobs like I'm I'm in touch. I'm credible. I still matter, but they don't need it. No. But I mean, I think it matters enough. It's good enough that they would just let's do favor. Pump our on tires a little bit. I think my guess would be like Schefter he to whatever in whatever way you do this. Or what to whatever extent you check with the Kansas City Chiefs. If this is not coming from the chiefs, you check with them like. I want to tweet Rex Ryan is a name to watch. That was his phrase a name to watch. It wasn't like an interview or candidate was a name to watch. So you you probably don't do that. Without some you call the chiefs. I this is only if like it wasn't a real idea from the chiefs, and I've had by I'm guessing it wasn't. But I don't know. I have to say you check with Alec can I do this. And maybe they're like, they roll their eyes or something. But they just like go ahead. Who knows who knows? Who knows? Maybe maybe all Adam Schefter needs in that case cases them to not deny it. But I can't I I can't say I I can't say, okay. Good enough, the wording of these kinds of things can be so important and also so like just. It's specific specific words are used to shroud the situation or whatever. Like, just right not clue you in all the way name to watch is not front runner, for example. It's just. You know, what does it even mean? So Mark Dalton a friend of mine friend of ours. Who runs Meteo relations for the cardinals? Arizona cardinals. Larry FitzGerald just announced he was going to play again. And Mark tweaked guys like Schefter in some tweets. Pictures of headlines through the years of Larry FitzGerald is considering not coming back to the cardinals like different things like that. And Mark, you know, sort of threw shade at that. He's like maybe one day. This will actually these kind of reports will actually be true. And well, none of them was necessarily wrong. The way they're all worded the way, those guys do it hockey to like Darren Drager the way they all word these things leaves them out. That's why it's works this way. And all of them were like he's considering breaking up with the cardinals. He's considering retirement like that just because he didn't retire or leave. The cardinals doesn't mean he wasn't it. Just means he continued to play. You know? Who cares about this? Mike show opened the bulldog. Here will have more of this show. This show will continue. That's the plan. The song draft is tomorrow, Paul Hamilton DJ. Anthony, I saw DJ Anthony on the way in just now while he was on his way in I was on the way out to use the men's room, and he was like thank you so much for inviting he's the nicest guy these nicest guy, and he's he's ready, right? Good. Good. That's tomorrow at four here on WGN. Stay connected to our shows in getting on the conversation..

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