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But more, you know, more to what we're talking about here on the football side of things. You know what I really wanted to do was create something as close to a NFL personnel department is I could. So, you know, one thing we did last year that we'd never done in the past year was, we hired a staff of former NFL scouts, the scout the country, and we have four guide, they'd sixty nine years of NFL experience. So, you know, that was important to me, because it gave me sets of is all around the country, that I, I knew what they were looking at there were well connected with among the scouting community, but also the agent community and at the schools. So, you know, again, because we don't have an NFL budget. You know, our guys can't get out and travel a bunch. You know, they can't you know they couldn't get on planes. They couldn't stay night to know tell so really wherever we could get to driving distance and get back home that night. That's that's you know that's what we did. So, you know, one thing we're really proud of, of one hundred. Fourteen guys we invited to last year's game. We saw one hundred and five of them live in games. So that was that was huge to have that to have that staff in place. And again, they were all under contract with their teams couldn't pay him a huge. You know, huge salary really anything to live off. So it was important. We found some guys that were still under contract. You know, we went through the right channel that contacted the reformer GM's and, and they were they were okay with it, and, you know, then working with us so that, that worked out, great, you know. And we really had a tighten it staff. We, we did conference calls all the time. I got him senior bowl geared, aware and business cards and emailed, and really tried to make it as an official position as possible. You know, so that was that was really big. And you know, we, we built out the roster last year probably about eighty percent of it. And then I called around seventeen of the third pretty two teams so we could thanksgiving and we kind of let the league help help us shape the back into the roster gonna want to bring in the guys they wanted to see because again this is for those thirty two teams not for not for us. So really tried to give the NFL some official feedback on this thing, which they never had before. So that was, you know, that was a big part of the process, and like you to looted to this being an important stage. It's the example I used in the in the orientation last year with the players, I use the example of Isaiah win. And you know they win the tackle from Georgia two years ago. He comes to the senior bowl with a partially torn labrum, and he has two great days, the practice, especially in one on one. Period. And then he tear that tears tears labor them fully estimate. The combine mistpro day. Never runs. Never done anything else. And he probably came into the senior bowl. Most teams probably second third round grades on it and he ended up a first round pick..

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