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That's aligned with your mission your core and your skills that has a path to making money. you know. There's got to be that opportunity. I think that's the magic. And i think the alignment piece in. And i think you hit on with your core your purpose. I think we all have purpose of reason for being on the planet. Some difference that we feel compelled to make and i agree with you completely frequently shared my story. If you've read my book conscious millionaire grow your business by making a difference the first eight pages of chapter one. I tell the story of becoming a millionaire and for me. It was just that. I grew up poor and at five and said i'm going to be a millionaire. Twenty five got there and three months later. I had a meltdown and i said oh. Got the house in the mercedes but my life Folks as i tell as you know it there's books on this right book wherever you go there you are and i still was there. I still was miserable and still up and still didn't like myself and still had not particularly functional relationships in a minute. I realized that i said oh. Something's wrong with this picture. I'm curious on your journey. We've known each other. I think eight years now goes back. Well what have been some of the major pivot points in terms of building. Your business why. I don't think it's a surprise to anyone of there's a lot of pivoting going on with covid So i'm sure a lot of your guests have spoken about what they've needed to. Do you know at spark six. We've we've run a did a distributed team for nearly ten years so there was a lot about our business that was already set up to work from home offices. And you know having you know kids interrupting and so forth A lot of us on the team of kind of dealt with that know even pre kobe. But i i think for us. It was adapting our mindset so when everything was kind of starting to bubble around march april last year You know we've at that time we've been around for almost ten years as an agency but even with that level of success he still get worried. And i think what was really important for for my business partner to do is to really just kind of get back to. What's our core What can we do to again. Take care of our families. I you know in our and our team members families and finding opportunities that were still available. 'cause we realized there was a panic but then life didn't need to continue so we saw that as a really good opportunity to you know help restaurants that were transitioning from you know in house dining to how do we make sure that their takeout programs amazing through digital you know in that can be said for lots of different companies that were lacking a digital presence at the time but needed to in order for their business to survive. So if you had one one piece of advice for entrepreneurs and coaches business owners about how to achieve financial success what would it be..

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