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Pumpkins strewn across a park but wheelbarrow. And it's quite good fun so we picked up like about eight Pumpkins so we decided to use some of that. Pumpkin meet meet yeah punk latch slash pumpkin flesh for August today and I thought of AH SHY Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting maple covered. pecans would be quite nice and then I realized it's kind of like I think it's like the seasonal starbucks in the child. Arto we've done part. Yes that's what we're doing. We've done a Bundt cake a don't know if it's GonNa Tastes Nice. It looks very pretty art. The finger sandwiches fingers. Which is I'm GonNa have a cup of tea? Maybe closer Sekaia Bob Sharon up Janko. Mommy really excited about this guest on. How Wow we've been together for so long how it starts? Yeah Yeah we what recast Lee. I'm never going to give him up it. You know how all SIC is probably of hearing that. Yeah but actually. The American football team adopted the song about four years ago and it re thumped the whole thing. I'm interested about this whether he was in stock. Aitken Waterman Yeah. So he must know Jason and Kylie the Gos- who basical the gossip with in Stock Aitken Waterman. No mom you mean whether Kylian Jason really were in I mean we all know that. Will they live this. We don't tonight. I'm really interested about that kind of hit factory actor. Apparently Rick became kind of viral meam. Or never gonNA give you opted. I didn't know this. I still don't really understand following Rick Rolling and I don't understand this I'm going to get into it but you know who is best. May to marry Berry can't believe that. I think he's probably had a better. Kate God aud. She's the que-. She played drums on his set. Your mind did a festival. Have you not.

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