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I don't care. Good luck. What do you think's going to be right on trade deadline day today? Every year. We argue about this last year, you were right things actually happened at the trade deadline things that were, you know, things that mattered not Tyler Johnson being traded, even though that matters to the Miami because they're going to get some luxury tax relief, right? Real things that switch the balance of power or get a fan base super excited about something. I think I'm gonna be right. Ultimately, we'll see I was right last year. But we'll see what happens is already been some deals headed into today. So some big deals headed into today. But today's also about some of the smaller deals Dan about missing pieces about how Iman Shumpert for the rocker rockets might have a big game Western Conference finals. And then you'll realize that he was traded to the rockets. That's what happens Iman Shumpert on a day. Like today get traded to the rockets, and then has a big game six against the warriors. When did that happen? When did he mon- Shumpert become a rocket PJ Tucker's missing piece? Nobody's act. Missing piece, but you have it's not enough that I just sent you out of the room for just a terrible opinion by you. Oh, well, no. But you've now you've been you have I'm guessing I don't know because they've told me Bomani is on the line. And I and I saw Alison she was holding the face away her face away from the phone because I imagine Bomani is going to have some strong opinions about what dog start backtracking already. Okay. You did what you did last segment with Tom petty and James Brown. Don't start the backtracking. I'm not starting to backtrack. I didn't have a lot of time there. I was merely say go ahead. I feel I was two guys. Need to do is walk out of there. Go get a plane ticket doesn't seven o'clock flight to Harvard tonight. Go ahead and pick that thing. Fly up there. Get you a good night's sleep walk onto campus in the morning and file your resume. Listen, you didn't hear the whole conversation. Listen, you should be doing Bomani done. Just hear me out for a second. Okay. The larger point I was trying to make is if a circus performer calls me twelve years from now and tells me about hey, whatever, you think happened to Tom petty or Steve McNair didn't happen that way. I'm going to tell the McNair. What did you just do with Steve McNair, I was going to bring it back to Jackson the objection was the Tom petty being compared to James Brown, Tom petty death being compared to James Brown. I'm just saying once they're dead. They're dead and twelve years later, if someone gives me different information about how it is. They passed away. I'm not interested in there's still dead. That's all I was saying, that's it. That's all I'm saying. What you were saying it's kind of saying if you're comparing Tom petty death to James Brown's of doing that tip. Yeah. You know? What's the stugatz? I heard what it was that you had to say about the, you know, the comparing the death, and you know, what I was halfway client to agree with that. But the truth is even though I wasn't listening. I believe or not believe you therefore. You know, you compare James Brown, Tom petty, and I feel like you should apologize to everybody. Actually, be sorry. Sorry, everyone. I mean, listen I've earned that Bomani. I mean, you should believe Dan before you believe you believe anyone before you. But you're throwing in Steve McNair. Came out of nowhere. That's not something. I heard during the last year McNair, all right? Thanks for all your help, Bomani. Parting thoughts before you get out of here. I'm just still kind of reeling for what it was the. He was there talking about though, I will say he is totally right about that human thing. The playoffs. Playoffs every year you'd be like wait you start playing. I'm back. Thank you. We appreciate the time high noon, everyday four eastern. The trade deadline so far has been terribly unsatisfying. Correct. But LeBron James has opinions. He was hurt on behalf of Harrison Barnes who was traded during the game last night that was bad money. The Dallas Mavericks spent let's go ahead and revisit some of that the whole fighting over the Andre Jordan Blake Griffin needing know put a chair near the doors, and no one would steal the Andre Jordan Chandler Parsons was thing because you guys get excited about nothing. And now, where's Chandler Parsons? What's he doing? I think every tired. Did he pretty certain? He did I don't even look it up. Alison, just put it on the poll didn't Chandler Parsons retire. But now Harrison Barnes is where Dallas through its money. And so LeBron James has a very strong opinion here, and he says, so let me get let me guess this is cool because they had to do what was best for the franchise right traded this man, while he was literally playing in the game and had zero idea I'm not knocking who traded him because it's a business, and you have to do what you feel what's best. But I just want this narrative to start to get real change and not wanna player wants to be trader leaves a franchise that he's selfish ungrateful player. But when they trade you release wave, cut, etc, etc. It's best for them. I'm okay with both honestly, truly am just call a Spade a Spade, and he actually uses the Spade emojis, and then a couple of exclamation points in the event that you weren't aware of. Oh my God. It's a big sham. Are you serious that it's a big? Or is it a biggie? Like all the other biggies that you've had here that are not biggie. He's is getting James. I said that wrong. Houston is trading James Ennis to Philadelphia. Get out of our so big. He was confused. He reiki quotas zone. Tweet. The rockets traded in the Philadelphia for a second round pick in twenty twenty one. Putting together the pieces. By the way, Chandler Parsons are no longer with Memphis that was about a month ago. But he says he's still willing to play and ready to play. London. For about two minutes and twenty seven seconds worth. How has Kyrie Irving handled a similar situation?.

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