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Welcome back inside gary very stadium all randpark tonight fifty seven to nothing it is your final score over palmer ryshkov any chris brayden back with you here on the football nine this spring's post game show let me quickly get you the scoring plays there were a lot of on but i would like to share them all with you if you don't mind uh so the touchdowns in this game jackson beal from nineteen yards colin phillips from 10yards colin phillips from fifty are yards colin phillips from 10yards again jackson bam for from sixty yards set shepir from thirteen yards and then back to back rushing touchdowns from uh from the eu exit sixty a order and a thirty five yard or for chris you and that and that's that's it that's a lot of rushing touchdowns tonight for the ramp or harambe yeah really impressed with the way ram part plays football there they didn't attempt to past tonight but they didn't really have to and the they hit that whole so art i mean this is a really really good football team yeah they are and their team right now that we'll see how everything shakes out because plain palmer period is going to hurt them yeah that's just the way the rpi works because palmer will take another loss i data hurts randpark yes you want to get your win that's the most important thing but then you almost have to root for the teams that u b two b everyone else in order to be higher so the but that's not important like rob lawyer told us into pregame like their goal is to win the league they win the league bohm there in and they all have to worry about rpi so they get a conference when they are three in alan conference with two games left coronado and a tough one app vista ridge actually to tough once because monte gig gutowski has coronado playing good football right now so it won't be easy for robbery years thi but they certainly showed that they are very deserving team when it comes to the postseason right absolutely and i think uh come out that's what you have to do with the rpi and play you have to come out and take care of your business and if that you have to win the league to get into state that's just the way it is well and.

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