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And you have to kind of do the covert police thing and ask people to wear it properly but things are. Things seemed yesterday for me when i was in seen. Some things seemed to go smoothly. Good that you're running a busy restaurant in obviously a tourist destination for many canadians during a kogo break. How do you feel about having the masks back. I am currently feeling quite happy about it. i am willing to wear a mess. No problem i. I will wear it anytime i have to win. Numbers go up. And i feel that my customers are my stuff for my business. Maybe threatened by that. And how how. How challenging is it when the rules keep changing like this. You know you didn't have it now. you have it. He might go back. Yeah there's a there's a feeling of no control of Not knowing what the day holds on a daily basis you come in and you're like oh well wonder what's going to happen today so there's a lot of Variety to what we're experiencing it's different. That's for sure never expected this. No who did what. What has what does the pandemic revealed to you about about the place you live in and and your business i guess in how hard it is to to run a business in moments like well. The place i live is amazing. Colona is beautiful with many beautiful people who are good on the inside and out It's a sense of community here. We all stick together. We all worked together and we all take care of one another. We really support local. And at this time. I can't tell you how much colona has stepped up and has been supporting local. Been coming into the little shops that just you know maybe would not make it. And and and the fact that masks Might come off again. An there might be some of this back and forth flip-flopping as we adjust to things do. Do you think that that's something colona can live with. Is that something you can live with. Oh my goodness. I absolutely i mean colona is resilient. It's a great tourist destination. People should become an ear all the time whether it's mask on her mask off I think it's gonna be. I think it's going to be a great rest of the summer. No matter what and i hope people are coming to colona and But of course following the rules you know we have a little travel restriction on right now that people should be aware of okay. What's the soup of the day. Oh my goodness. The soup of the day is muller ghitani curry coconut rice. You're speaking my language. All right crystal. Stay safe stay with your mask on for now. Thank you so much for talking to us. This morning we'll do they all right. Bye-bye crystal dugan is the chef and owner of the little hobo soup and sandwich shop in colona. Sounds good.

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