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Abbott. we just were saying at the end of last segment he is stock with this commission quote to do something. so what is now being reported a special session to expedite the death penalty. what all that is let's be honest all that is is man I need to look like I'm doing something. so I'm gonna do something expedite the death penalty yes I assume he's going to follow up by saying in the cases of mass shooting. excuse me. most of the last few mass shooters are dead yeah except the guy from one that's a line on that dude from el Paso there's one Sutherland springs dad to dad el Paso do dad Odessa del Paso guys alive yeah I'll pass allowable down today see that's exactly how he's now realizing all man I put this commission together to give the optics of doing something and we you're not gonna do anything boy what can I do what can I not that. well it whatever whatever that means at least we know now that the guy apparently courted ABC news got the gun person the person where you don't have to have any top a background check say about gun from Jeff their use by gun from Jeff. even Dan Patrick I guess yesterday it said you need to look at this person a person deal he wants to make it okay work say Jeff will leave his guns to all the kids if they're over eighteen or twenty one. but in the person to person we may have to look at the person the person sales in this state. now I want. should look at it they should they should look at it now I know the answer to that is no they won't because the governor just try to come up with whatever diversion he could. expo whatever that even means it's all you know with how how was it even I realize the governor of Texas it is arguably the most important thing you do you go ahead and sign off on. death. I don't know what I think the governor's office can do to quote expert dot heat well they've got all these appeals on appeals in a week every time we execute somebody hunt for the crime was down thirty years ago yeah I I know I mean maybe I think and you know what that's we've taken to expedite it we don't have you don't have all these appeals. but under the rule of law you have the peel and that's gonna do what. you know the next shooter we only have the death penalty here you think that it is time to it I don't know what made it terror a guide to say say the el Paso dude he knows he gives the probably did all this turn himself in and said I am I am be dead for twenty five years. under this proposed if they do have a cat in twenty four and a half now no there he'll be dead within a year make if they act but I will I don't know what's interesting I don't love all over that the governor's office can do anything in that process because your stay is appeal to the Supreme Court there are some legal things that are and all that well I know I know we're quick to Tim to jump up and down say yay for us on the death penalty let me ask everyone do you think we've executed an innocent person in this state. yeah probably have. probably yeah we we've had some issues with convicting people of committing crimes horrific crimes that have not committed the crimes I had a guy on the show who was sentenced to death twice Michael Morton now Anthony gray all your at your baseball friend Anthony gray who was sentenced to die twice I asked to be think we've executed an innocent person he said yes I go why would you say that and he said point play because you tried to kill me twice. he didn't do it well but on the governors I stand on this it's obvious we know that the do del Paso did it. if I if if this is if this is the answer to the commission on mass shootings to solve the problem of mass shootings in Texas. okay I don't I won't solve anything I'd yell Judaism up quicker yeah. the death penalty is not a deterrent to amass shooter the best that we can tell. okay acts okay let me just say this one more thing if there is a special section called. watch out camping ordinance in Austin the guests were lined up it'll get away from this no I think they'll do they'll do that and they'll do the camping deal because you can do that in a special session okay if they declared is not wholly for that the I'll I'll buy that I think it'll be a lot more about Austin and nothing about guns nothing about Jack's improved probably very little about expediting the death penalty the shooters are dead. it's not a deterrent obviously. they're thinking though is it could be a deterrent to the guy my example again the guy from help the el Paso deal. not gonna get Kay I'm not gonna be put to death for years and years and there's his thinking is I need to come up with something so I come up with this. that way I don't have to tackle that other stuff that might be a political risk this is of no political risk there is no political risk there is no political clout in saying we need to look at expedited the death penalty in the case of mass shooters well I think one thing. there is not what I would like no one's arguing that I would like discussion of the extended background checks the red flag laws. ban on assault weapons not gonna happen don't worry about that's not gonna happen okay. the red flag thing didn't happen correct it's not happened no not happen attacks there is no appetite excel to find something that is as non. controversial as possible. I know we should expedite mass shooters we should expedite their deaths and it's faster. oh okay. thanks. okay that's fine is that what the commission was put together really. it's interesting it's energy has not had this topic said about that part person to person sales right he stuck in a corner I don't know what we can do on the person to person sales have you know about right the person to person sales exactly unless you say if you sell a gun person a person and that said gun was used on a felonious act you could go to jail. sure. okay but my defense of me I didn't know yeah I. I think this I think if we're to predict now the path of least resistance will be again almost a no brainer but okay expediting the death sentence in the case of mass shooters. if any of them ever live again we will expedite their death sentence. how's that that that is a non controversial as non committal as non as much of a non issue is in and I disagree I disagree I think it is if they have legislation where the legislatures worry where it I don't have I had a it will be due process is right he will be challenged it I don't know how much to eat it has but there will be we now he's now with his aides his marketing staff has come up with the one thing that they can say a hot seat we're tackling something..

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