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Journey that they have been on it's important because today we're trying to understand for example how the plant genome works how you go from genome to an organism and part of that story is written in the fossil record so that helps us interpret the plot gene today it's also vitally important because plants have a huge influence on the earth system itself through the compensate production of oxygen and so forth weathering effects that production of soils these have huge huge influences over periods of ten fifteen twenty million years at one to stand how the world can be habitable over very long period of time one needs to understand the story of plants a sentiment echoed by both guy and jemma back at the hampton court palace flower show i think another thing that is going to be really interesting visitors is not anything plants of come from but potentially where they're going to go we hopefully going to be around for quite a while longer say it's interesting to think what might come back i think is interesting of it self we can understand understand why plants are as an is very writing point tonight points the way to future where with climate change we can expect the conditions plants have face to change rather more quickly and we can see from the past what plans have done to to survive a changing climate and what they'll have to do to survive a changing future we'll need them to do where to survive as well so after that it seems that dinosaurs might have had some impact on plants and the plants likely had some impact on dinosaurs t that perhaps even more important than that this journey has shown me how surprising and intriguing the schnur plants is how the twists and turns in veg ernie through time is every bit is intriguing as that these big beasts the dinosaurs that we all know and love a huge thank you to pool guy and jemma as well as the natural history museum and rhs hampton court palace flower show for letting us record onsite if you'd like to get in touch with us you can the email address is science weekly at the guardian dot com or you can tweet us at guardian audio i'm nichole davis and this is science weekly for more great podcasts from the guardian just go to the guardian dot com slash podcasts

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