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Are armed. We don't know the shots that are being fired if they're being shot fired by police or by the trump supporters. I asked dan congressman kelly I texted him. i asked them to. Please stay safe. We're very good friends as i've mentioned He's a couple of years younger than me. It goes back to high school times and I've been very upset and angry. Sorry to the this. Because i'm angry at the whole the whole kit and caboodle of this reports are coming in that that these trump supporters are storming the statehouses in georgia. Texas kansas utah. I can't give you any confirmation that a we'll learn this later tonight. Hopefully with our news media What exactly is going on but it. It's a so i mean. People have been texting in fact friends of mine who are currently texting. Because i see your texts coming in. I can't i can't answer right now. Infected blocks half the screen. So i forgot to turn off the notification thing before i started this. Oh my i apologize for that. I am reading Many of your comments here So thank you for all of you. Who are feeling very much the same way. There's going to have to be an investigation to find out how they were so easily able to enter the capitol building who plan this was trump in on it. Was he aware of it. He's they finally. He just got him to to do a short video. Where he's telling you. I want peace and you should go home but he does but he does the whole thing. The whole that's like ten seconds and the other five minutes is this election was stolen from us. You're not wrong. You should be upset. I feel your pain. What he just said to. These people who are who have taken siege of our united states capital. I know my history fairly well. Other than the war of eighteen twelve with.

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