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Those fun. We are headed here. Yeah. Here it just south. Came out of nowhere. We got a pretty good. Muster to six reckon weird. What I say say one down a couple of thousand ago. I mean, get on my high horse, but I'm telling you, I do not like the deer. I'm sick of it. They're taking over there like rats. They're destroying the eco system. I see a dead deer on the side of the road of the myself. That's a start. I don't even understand that. What I am Rachel for what you've done to at all like. Got that. Yeah. So doubt. How long is this thing? The sleigh. Four months. Four months. Dry. Get used to say that. Pleased. I'm sorry. Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. She's right. Exhausting. Tour. I impact before the tour. Mris office should takes appointments in that, right? Plus, I k turns out people up here. Just as messed up in the city's Jeremy Rosal brother areas stories. Yeah. This have he's studying medicine. We just like a little now. Cool. Pretty emma. I'm a traveler, and I can't help but I keep bringing souvenirs back. It's such a privilege failed experience. Another person's culture. This might my dad's claim to fame was being a Jesse Owens qualifying round for the Berlin Olympics nineteen thirty six one's owns one from him. A moment. What What mama. mama at work. So there with perfect Aaron race bullshit. Black to comes along proven wrong front entire world. Kind of..

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