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Okay let's do it oh my gosh i so i've been obviously this is a new phone i've been playing with it like all the time in and face ideas obviously going to be a bit of an energy users so is an emoji and in these different things and in fact like this is a fullscreen display yes in bright and all these things i have not had any issues with battery at all battery in this thing is beast i'm so impressed uh i don't i will say like i most of the time and connected to wifi um i don't watch a lot of videos or anything on it but i do use it a lot and like the screen is is lit up and i've been getting my settings all set up it's been downloading staff it's been working pretty hard and i am so impressed at the end of the night with how much batteries leftover it's incredible i personally haven't had to even i haven't even thought about the better issue because such as toss it onto my charger i have a charge of right next to me at at on my cash i just i just husted on their side i never even think that but i am going to disneyland tomorrow so i will be overseeing will break i will he s i'll be using math antenna and i will share my diary of how how hard i pushed it how how can the battery was had got the cameras at night time so i will bring you i mean that's that's probably of all the things that i ever deal in life at thing that i've wastes battery anant use the hardest is when i go to disneyland 'cause i'm using it for apps i'm using it for games on standing in line ice to take pictures sell it's always working and that's a really great way to check like k k how good is the fn ten compared says iphone 7 plus in my case.

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