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So yes tony. I separately attended zoom wedding yesterday. Now i just showed up in braless in a t shirt. No makeup didn't even have my eyebrows filled in 'cause i figured i'm not going to have my camera on. It's just a one way. Viewing kind of thing. And then lo and behold all the other guests were like. Tony was wearing a tie. He was dressed up. A lot of people were dressed up. I didn't realize that's how it was gonna work however something about attending assume wedding that way with a whole bunch of people dressed up like in their in their little boxes on their made. It feel like a communal thing. Have you guys gone to any zoom weddings during this is invited to. I'm crashing them. Did you dress up. You look around. Zoom till i find something get in there and i ex people love it. You always object exclusively object. Yeah i always object when they get there. Haven't been yeah. I just put it in my lengthy objection. Jack i haven't been to any zoom weddings at all. I was surprised and again this might be a little bit of retread. We might get into this a little bit next week too. But i was surprised at how much it really felt like. You were attending a real wedding. It'll be interesting to find out how it felt for the people getting married. You know because there was like it was just the couple. And i think her witness. Who was her sister and then the photographer and the person marrying them. It was very cold very no one was there because of covid so it was just them and but then like a whole bunch of people watching then. What did you think tony. It was it was very nice but it was definitely strange. Not because of what they did just like. That was the first one. I've gone to and yeah. It was weird and i did. I really didn't know what i was telling you. And i were texting us. I said that. I really didn't know if i was supposed to have my camera on if other people are gonna dress up so i thought i'm gonna just play it safe and kind of like kind address up. I figure that was safe. I feel better dressing up. And then no one else dressing up than the opposite. So i just kind of dressed up and and then i saw most people had their camera on but not everybody. I know so it was. It didn't even occur to me to dress up and be presentable. that's how much i thought it was going to be cameras off affair. Yeah i know looking on the invitation to see if it said anything and i think there was one that said something about like. Hey at least you don't have to wear pants. I was like now. Are they like take it like. Is that a comment. Saying you don't have to dress up or is that saying like you just don't to put pants on you. We still want you to be dressed up on the time. I didn't know so. I just played.

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