ROY, Ted Cruz, Beto Rourke discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Montale, though, the w o a election desk Republican Ted Cruz will return for another six year term after defeating democratic challenger Beto Rourke right now with total still coming into the secretary of state's office cruise with fifty two percent of the vote a rock with forty six percent. Cruise winning. What's Bill does the most expensive Senate race ever congressional district? Twenty-one the district or vacated by Lamar Smith Republican ship. Roy out in front of democrat. Joseph cops fifty-one percent for ROY forty six percent for cops are in district twenty three that congressional race. Republican incumbent will heard now out by fifty three percent over or gene. Ortiz Jones and her forty four percent. Total heard widening his total over the past hour and a half. There were three controversial ballot initiatives on San Antonio ballots proposition. A the one to reduce the number of names needed to bring petitions before city council changed votes council votes or challenged council votes. Fifty five percent voting against forty five percent four according to the latest totals proposition be a far different story. Fifty eight percent of voters want to limit future city manager employment. Terms and salaries forty one percent voting against that measure and proposition. See a tight race this evening. That's the one to make mandatory collective bargaining between the city and unions. Fifty percent voting against right now. Forty nine percent plus voting for that a couple of annexation items on some local ballots affecting the camp bullets and Lackland areas option to getting big nods from voters in both races. Fox News has the latest and all the national races. And post-election commentary will have more up to the.

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