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And get it. Thousands of teachers are expected to show their support for the blueprint for Maryland's future act at the March for our schools tonight. The act now being considered by the legislature would increase state funding for schools by one billion dollars over the next two years, which will help expand their career technology education and increased pay for teachers says Maryland state Education Association, president Cheryl boast we have fallen behind which makes it very hard to attract and retain the best. Teachers to come here to Maryland had recurred Assam WMA Allen, WFAN dot com. President Trump's twenty twenty budget proposal asking congress for eight point six billion dollars to complete a wall. Along the southern border. The proposal doubles down on the president's national emergency declaration shuffle wall construction money, which is something that Republican Congressman Tom Reed says it congress should be required to vote on as opposed to relying on a democrat sponsored resolution president playing politics and picking choosing when resolutions will occur this resolution of disapproval this occurs at the selection of our congressional leadership. Congress should have to go on record each and every member on each and every emergency action. So they can be held accountable to the people who lease in drug enforcement agents seizing a huge quantity of cocaine in New York. It was found in a port facility authorities here say they haven't seized this much cocaine and a single bust in nearly twenty five years they found thirty two hundred pounds of cocaine packed into a shipping container at the port of New York. Newark it has a street value of seventy seven million dollars. The drugs were found as part of a joint effort between the DA homeland security, and why PD coastguard in New York state police they discover the. The shipping container filled with cocaine on February twenty eighth but just announced it today. A thirties didn't release details about where the shipping container came from. Or who sent it? The port of New York and Newark is the third busiest in the nation. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. The easy opens airlines crash that has claimed the lives of one hundred fifty seven people from all over the world, including eight passengers from the US correspondent David McKenzie says heavy equipment has been at work and the crater created by the crash. They are separating parts of the end of this. What was a brand new Boeing from parts of the fuselage? There's also been very tragic moments of bringing out the remains of those lost on this flight. The Democratic Party has announced its chosen Milwaukee to host the two thousand twenty national convention, it'll take place from July thirteenth through the sixteenth..

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