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Com. Slash chump. If you see it seven to ten on Friday, I believe is the timeframe we're looking at correct mica. So yes, if you can't make it 'cause you're out of state or whatever. Absolutely go to on dot com slash chump in stream this thing because I don't. I don't think you're gonna wanna miss it and and. There? Yes. Mike, just read forty plugs, but also this is legitimately going to be insanely entertaining, and I cannot I cannot stress that enough. So pay attention because Mike is ready to throw the fuck down. I have now seen him in action and he can legitimately do things. I wouldn't fight Mike right now. No, sir. I wouldn't be able to get his back and that's the key. Everybody knows that. So watch with us on Friday. If you can't be there at least watch. It should be fascinating if nothing else it will make for a very entertaining pre-game for you before you go out and do whatever it is you do on Freddie evening. Okay. Next segment, Houston stand up. This week, a column came out on g q dot com, which believe stands for gentlemen's quarterly. The the column title is Houston is the new capital of southern cools written by a guy named Brett Morton photographs by Paolo and Murray on what the fuck that means, but came out five name but whatever. And it's basically the gist of it is this. It is a sort of comparing contrast between Austin and Houston, but the big picture thing is it's kinda come up that Houston has gone through over the past five years, how Houston may sneakily be America's best food city. And it's it's just overall the most accurate representation of the place that I call my hometown where I'm from born and raised that I've ever read is very well written. It's very, it'll make you hungry, I should. I should preface that don't don't read it unless you've filled up your stomach already. It's like you shouldn't go to the grocery store when you're hungry. Don't read this. If you're hungry. Is just very, very good, and I wanted to highly recommend it and give some props to my city where my whole family still lives every all my fucking wife got some cousins here in Austin now too. But a lot of my cousins still live in Houston. My brother lives in Houston. My mom lives in Houston, my dad, all of my surviving grandparents live in Houston. It's a place that very much still holds. I don't. I won't even say it's like a hold a special place in my heart is a big part of me still. That's why we talk about Houston rap all the time. And it. No, I don't wanna be achieved cheese about it. But like when I die on my tombstone, you put did it for Houston. I love this place. It means everything to me and I think it's a good read it and it just because it compares to where I live now and I love Austin, Austin is my Dopp that home. So it's really just a so fish recommendation by me so that you think the places that I lived in was born and raised are cooler. How about that, but no, all seriousness. It's fantastic com. Mike, have you read this thing? I did. I read it before you shared it and I enjoyed it there much and I think it it paints. They're accurate description specifically of the food scene, and yeah, Houston, which is mostly what about the first first few paragraphs or sort of an awesome to Houston. Comparison wraps up like that, but it's a centrally food column and I find it to be very true to life in the last I've been in Austin. Now back in, I'm from Austin originally and back in Austin for three plus years here grandad's. But before that I was in Houston, I lived in. Houston for six months. I lived in Dallas for several years. Let me say unequivocal unequivocally Houston is far and away the best food city of the three. It's got the most interesting restaurants, it's got the best restaurants. It's got the better food culture. It's got people that care more about food. If I can go into a quick thing here, Dallas has dalit. Dallas is a money play. Stella's always have big money. Dallas has great steakhouse. Oh yeah, Dallas has great, fine dining. If you want Wight tablecloths and over the top service and expensive wine list and big hunks ameet Dallas.

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