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The workers and patients are all being quarantined alongwith 28 other workers and 15 other patients who may have been exposed but have so far tested negative. All evacuation orders have been lifted for the fire that's burned more than 13,300 acres in the Irvine area. It is 40% contained. The fire started Monday morning and Southern California Edison equipment. It's under investigation as a possible calls a barn owl, who was rescued by firefighters in Orange County has a long road to recovery ahead of him. The executive director of the O. C. Byrd and praise center Peggy Chase, says the bird has a pretty traumatic injury all of his flight feathers. All the primary flight feathers were burned, so he has to stay with us until he completely moved. So that'll be sometime next summer. Chase says the owl was possibly looking for food. When he got the burns, The fire authority rescued the little owl from fires around urban earlier this week, three people have been killed in what's being described as a terrorist attack at the Notre Dame Basilica in France. Several others were hurt in the stabbing. Attack. A BCS I empanel says theater Back in Nice comes two weeks after a schoolteacher who discussed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed was beheaded by an extremist in Paris. Since intentions of rapidly escalated between President.

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