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Got the three Tahoe brothers survive a, lightning strike Austin Dillon Garrett Murtha they're out of the Pacific coast trail there spice skykomish Washington storm clouds rolled in lightning. Strikes a, tree next to these guys and sends them flying I mean, just. Bows throws him about fifteen twenty. Feet knocks him out man so here is the deal folks If. You're, ever out, in. Out in nature and the storm clouds. Come rolling in if you ever sense for even a moments like wow the paren- my arms standing up or. The hair, on my neck is standing up for my wow it's like, I've. Got static electricity all over me Hey Here's what you. Do run run. Run just start running because Lightnings about to strike just. Run If you can't run duck Duck. Into a ditch. Or something it's come it It's, about to hit so these guys. Are. I mean they re. They, got, burned up man shirts. Are all ripped oh yeah just blown up man so it struck the tree and I had an has enough. Force. Behind. It, for three people, to go flying yeah yeah. And and I mean these guys were knocked out one of the guys was knocked out for. About seven. Minutes Whoa unconscious for seven minutes they were thrown fifteen feet whoa Yeah it's it's crazy and so these guys let, me, see I'm noticing what. Wo- so these guys are. From I'm thinking pick a. Truck from Truckee yeah I found their Facebook pages there from they and they. Should know their from lightning countryman? You, get a, lot, of lightning up. There and, Truckee they're young Truckee these these weren't as, Truckee football outfit yeah. These boys these these are. Boys they're. Young the Truckee football stadium is located the. Truckee the Truckee football team their. Stadium is called surprise stadium surprise stadium surprise because lots of surprises happen there they've always got a great team they have some really good. Teams, and, people come. Up to Truckee to play with the. ABA Jay Hicks up there in the sticks surprise They take their football seriously up there Stadium Yes did you get the? Audio I just sent you from the godfather Oh my, God now keep your friends. Close your enemies closer looking at the the the rest of the story so the one of the kids. His leg got burns on it from where the lightning. Shredded. His. Shorts. And then a portion of? His cold weather jacket melted yeah wow On melted they need to buy lottery, tickets, I'm glad. They're ok yeah seriously we should. Stop telling people to buy a lottery ticket Sherry. We're. Not good luck yeah we aren't, you're right we're we're diluting here's the deal..

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