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This, Mrs Strom and it goes down and icing is going to be called here against the Hawks. Dylan stroll. That's the wrong call. Yeah, go ahead. Well, they just doing strong was well ahead of the Columbus player. I'm kind of surprised that they didn't have a little conversation and move this to center ice. Stuff will be the right hand side of Lincoln. And but till his drum clearly, I mean, clearly ahead of David Savard on that plate. No drop comes down to the right of Been liking him. You're strong against dummy dummy wins this draw cooking at the line slaps and into the left corner Hawk's own. This circles the net Keith old tapping around the left side. Who will let it go off Coogan stick and down ice in behind the blue Jackets. Net. Purcell, stopping it there. His Liam Foodie, now carrying out of the Columbus own right wing to center ice, lifts the puck down in on Lincoln and who snaps it up. The far side deals Otto from the left point. I'll send it down behind the hawk net. Grigorenko sends it around with a little more of a push, and it ends up reflecting down icing on corpus alot. Flips a puck to the left wing boards and Max Domi will stick it down into the Hawk zone. Back to get it in Akita j'adore off their Brandon Hagel Hagel crossing the rink to the right wing side in the hot zone. Under the hotline. He gave it away to Boone generates center ice to Cam Atkinson into the hot zone firing from the high slot. Jude or I've got a stick on that knocking at wide to the corner. Bagel chips the puck behind the net the door off taps it over the Nikola Bone Day. He returns it back in behind the net. Jenner beat Hagel to a couple 38 battle. Here's Jenna's sticking it around to the right point. Nobody was there that was intended for Seth Jones. Jones was in front of the net and he was wide open with Blue Jackets just couldn't get ahold of the puck to make a little play there. He had vacated his point position was wide open in the slot. Jones flips it to the blue Line taken away by Patrick Kane. At the rate point, he spends the puck down in behind the blue jacket. Net. Purpose alot wings it into the near corner to warrant before Rimsky had Now the text see a hot line, put it down with right wing corner for fully know we tried to send of the puck and Mark took it away. Lost it at the right Point. York Strand of Polina in the high slot firing blocked by the Han In a shot for the left wing boards by Gabbert Cough is wide. Years, cane picking up the puck now right wing and out the center. I scouted ahead, Yan Mark over the jacket line. Left wing drops it along the boards. But right there is New York Strand to pick off that pass. We would head up the right side. The text Yates Center ice to Gavron coffin of the Hawk's own twisting to the left wing corner. He's given a ride into the boards by Murphy split up behind the net. This is picked off by Yan Mark, moving up the left wing through center. Over the jacket line to Kersh of the cane. Let's circle delays and shoots and a blocker save made by Corpus sallow. Behind the net. Yan mark falling under David Savard, Savard came out with a puck. Put it to the near boards. Keith will flip it behind the Jackets. Net. Average cop got it in the far corner box getting a line change here. Ever coughed. Pumps it around the right side. Robinson gotta step on Keith over the hot line down the right wing and he shoots and Lincoln and down with a butterfly say 15 39 left in the third to one Columbus face off will be in the circle to Lincoln and left. What a great play by Garica. He saw what was going on there. Little DDT passed between him his partner, David Savard. He looked up ice and he saw that Duncan Keith kind of moved in a little bit, and he saw that Eric Robinson was behind him. Very impressed with the speed of Robinson. He picked that up, turning around backwards in one motion was in full stride, heading forward. Another good look for Robinson already has one goal in this game. Columbus has got some good sized forwards, and there's quite a bit of speed on their forward line. Liam food, he can really go. Here's a shot from the right point by cooking and the glove save made by Lincoln in that last.

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