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Ended higher. Unfortunately, Nancy Huggins won't be able to join us this week. Jen Drummond What? How you How you doing? Not Too bad. We talk a moment about something that's going out. I'm afraid like high button shoes, ducats. Printed tickets. In other words, paste board tickets that they used to give to all forms of athletic contest. Because now it appears that so many like the Cubs in the Sox are going the electronic route and you won't be able to have any souvenir tickets like ahead years ago, and that zone people like those lines. And I was thinking, but go ahead. I tweeted a picture. John. Uh, T Crown Tom is my Twitter idea Where, uh, you guys it's sent Pictures of some of the Rocky Marciano fight that you were at, and some East West rang games. Let me Yeah, the Northeast West game advantage. Of course, A lot of maybe your listeners say Well, that It's a second rate of ball games compared to the Senior Bowl. But at that time, there's no senior boulders about six bowl games going on in the country at that time in the East West next to the Rose Bowl was probably the premier game. And they played out and keys are stadium in San Francisco. The cream of the crop. The years I saw games, Erica, it have nothing but the top like Hap along. Cassidy was the Iceman Award winner for us, Greg from missing you to pack a bag for stardom. Anymore. You could remember with the Baltimore Colts and so line went like that. So they had the top boys in the country playing in that game, and he played the wind. They went out there for two weeks and worked out hard. It was not just a Showboat for the scouts to look at. But the game next to both sides wanted to win. Go in the victory column. The only problem was there was no real season ticket. No tickets available because there was a Shriner game, the Shriners sponsored it. And every Shriner post from California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon were down there for the game. And so there was no tickets available. However, it shows the old days you see, if you know a good bartender. He can get you anything. And they told me friend said, Hey, go to see Alamar. I knew the guy was a bartender. A place called the curtain call, and he's a guy that could always deal anything when it is CL. I said, please. I'd like to go to the East West game, he said. Here's what you do you go over to the ST Francis Hotel. Go up to Babe Holland buries room and you tell babe that El Ahmar sent you Babe Holland Berry was the legendary coach of the Washington State Cougars for years and now and for many years and was the head coach of the West team, So we went up there, Lo and behold, as it Alamar sent me. Bang bang. We got 2 50 yard line seats who paid Regulates no notes, no scalping, but he wouldn't leave. If we couldn't leave the room. We could not leave the room, he said. You can't leave yet and all of a sudden he brought out this sack, he says of Washington Red delicious apples, and he said, You gotta take Washington apples with you or you don't leave the place we went on. He got the tickets, apples the last couple of weeks. But that was that was that game is now could go on in. It's not like it was, as I indicate. In those tickets. I have, by the way are quote pristine condition because, remember when you go into a game or the athletic contest, the Usher is the size often how much he's going to tear up the ticket. Sometimes you split down the middle sometime, you'll take out the only thing you'll get back is what we're seats arranged on the thing. But in the East West game, both of those, you know Tom were very, very good tickets. You want to bring up the Iraqi Marciano fight? That was another thing. That course that Ducati were important. The heavyweight title fight's at one time, folks. They rival, the Super Bowl. The arrival day world stories. But they had a fight down cocktail was what the challenger was fighting Marciano in case again. Case our stadium in San Francisco is not a match that does very well out there. I know why they had that match. Their because of cartel had no following it all. He was an Englishman. And the Marciano was a very heavy favorite to win, which he did. So I went to the fight. I never saw a heavyweight title fight. The keys are stadium. There's only 18,000 fans there and they were set up that time with Tony's the seats ahead of the field for 70,000. So what people didn't in the end zone I was setting the in the end zone seats couldn't see. How did the ring at all? We have some people said. Let's that put up with this stuff. Let's Hey, let's get the good season We stormed the field. Everybody stormed the field from the Enzo and I got in that ring side, But I thought I think I was singing about 12 or 14 Rose bind, but before the actual ring and the guy behind me with his I assume his wife was with this woman. He was Grumbly like mad these. He's got question the gate. I pay big money, and these guys come in here and sit in front of me said that voice sounds familiar. I turned around. It was Tarzan. Johnny Weissmuller literally over there. That's a good idea that I'm tired. The new James told me around anything like that. Oh, hey, by the way, Vice Miller was Chicago and here you have was from Chicago. And, of course, the Great Olympics winter, But anyway, I saw the Marciano cocktail. Dwight said. I'm sure that Johnny Weissmuller did not appreciate we crashed the gate, so to speak, but that was it. But anyway, we have the doctors for that as well. So that's why you didn't get him to save your ticket. Oh, I didn't have any autographs. I think that was a good idea. No, no. Yeah, By the way that time he was no longer touch because you got a little got put in a little gut like we do. When they get older, they scrapped a shirt on him. They started serious and call in Hollywood called Jungle Gym. And so he was in jungle gym. He was no longer ties anymore. Wouldn't know these these items were all from 1955. That's great 55 50, right and 55 56 of January you that they are that's correct. There's 31 was from January 1st 1955. And the second one was December 31st 1955 because they were on the Saturday night they were in the same year, but it was the 56 bold was really that's why they paid Tom Big money. He noticed that right away. That's correct, even though they were two separate years, so to speak, But it was happening between calendar year. Remember 31st January 1st. That's great work. I'm always looking for quirks. If you buy it, there you go. You can't get anything over the guy. See that said, you can't film. This guy. Speaking of quirks were moving the which ended higher. And we had some weird, some unruly contestants last week, and I want to remind everyone. This isn't about who wins, which ended hired. This is a Way for listeners toe learn the different prices of items that aren't the typical LeBron Mike trout stuff. So we're throwing something's out there. The Preysing I can see why the contestants were getting a little angry. Here is the leaderboard..

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