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Led the league eight hundred forty five yards are eighteen hundred forty five yards led the league thirteen touchdowns led the league all right four point seven yards per carry hundred fifteen yards per game led the league okay then dow's decides you know what we're not gonna pay you so are you serious okay in hindsight i guess maybe they did make the right move but let's say that dallas let's just go back to that point let's say that dallas ends up resigning demarco murray two thousand fourteen doesn't let them walk all right he's probably still in the leak and chances are he's one of the better running backs in the league a top five running back i'd say all right all right i mean that is what i sense that you can point to that being killed his career okay because then he has a terrible year in philly where i mean he starts games runs for seven hundred yards six touchdowns are in his word is lowest yards per game are yards per carry season instead dating back at that time any goes the tennessee reds for nearly thirteen hundred yards nine touchdowns four point four yards per carry right then in two thousand seventeen him in derrick henry split time six hundred fifty nine yards six touchdowns three point six yards per carry out the league all right i mean it's ridiculous it honestly is if dallas doesn't let him go he's still in the league in chances are okay knowledge they got his ezekiel elliott you're gonna pay zeki a lot of money when he's up for a contract okay and chances are you'd be paying markle murray considerably less than what is it's going to be getting and that was the whole thing with dallas to they didn't wanna play pay demarco murray because obviously they knew where they had agreed offensive line and you could throw whoever you wanted back there okay nhl's to do that but like i said i think that's what killed demarco murray career if resigns him and extends him he still only let's as top five running back right now all right and that's one thing too when people tend to side with the business all right the owners and all that i don't understand it okay little that's all it took for tomorrow murray and have a decent career along career is for dallas to extend them because officer you go to philly and i think those more so him wanna fairly was i'm going to get back at dallas obviously that didn't work out philly hates them now even more okay then you head over to tennessee you.

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