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NC UA. Morning September 29th, glad you're with us here at WTO P time now, two 38. Probably good weather, on the 8s in what it breaks through the overnight early morning hours first as always over to rich on her All right, first some good news. Sat down 95 between route 6 30 Stafford and centerport Parkway traffic moving again, which traffic had been stopped for about 30 minutes or moving traffic at a single file to the left. Not such good news, one of our listeners checked in, came upon a work set in northbound on the Prince William Parkway, the ramp to go east on 66, even though there's no other work in the manassas area, that ramp is closed for some reason for construction. You're actually diverted to go west on 66, but if you think it had like our listener did saw that there was the possibility that his rap was closed, he took balls forward over to suddenly road, got on to 66 that way and that worked out great. Now, eastbound are working on 66 between 29 central and 28, but only blocking a single right lane between the fairfax county Parkland route 50 fairfax two left lanes get you by, and then finally between one 23 and not least street, you're down to a single left lane to the work zone, never made clear if the exa two nutley street was open. They've been doing a lot of work on not least treat itself over top of 66, but no visual whether or not the ramp from eastbound or even westbound 66 for that matter to nutley street are open. Now if you're traveling further east toward the beltway a couple of things to watch out for, the exit ramp to the inner loop is closed by the work zone right to the outer loop remains open and the left exit which takes you to the express lanes both inner and outer loop that ramp also closed as a result of road work. Due to overwhelming response, regency furniture is held over the $47 million liquid with liquidation. Top name brands discounted up to 80% off to final days this weekend in Waldorf, rich hunter W two traffic. Storm team four tracking what should be a pretty nice looking Thursday for you and we're starting off on a cool side once again, but warming to the upper 60s to around 70

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