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Back in australia but this entire season was about motherhood in a way that was unsettling and profound and rewarding and confusing and oftentimes difficult to watch there is a scene in the middle of this where the the bad actor i i mean like performer i mean like the person who acted badly towards elizabeth moss ostensibly the villain of the first season comes back for a short amount of time and what happens in that scene is so shocking and so resident particularly in 2017 in a way that it when i watched it even before like once wednesday news and everything else broke it felt i think some people complained about the scene there's a shock of violence in it towards towards women it happens in a workplace to feel it felt like a weathervane in a way i think about that scene often and it's not the violence of it that shocked me it's the almost the normalcy of it if this happened in a room where work was supposed to be getting it on and to following up on sam swing elisabeth moss if ted danson is the greatest television actor i think was with mouses our greatest hope actress she is proof stunning in everything's yes my number seven was godless i've talked a lot about i already on the pied so i don't want a believer other than to say that you know i it's one of those just real we were lucky because there is such a demand for shows right now that someone was like why don't you make a nearly like nine hour western i think when you add up all the the running time minutes in the middle of this show it just becomes this issue really do feel.

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