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Vary. Rough day on Wall Street, let's see what's ahead in money news. Yeah, sharp losses mark the Dow is down 554 points and a return to middle earth on the silver screen. I'm Brendan Hazleton. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. George Wallace is here and folks are back on the court, huh? Yeah, the NBA returns, wizards have had a nice long break, and right now they begin to play in the ten spot in the Eastern Conference park as they resume their season this evening against the New York Knicks team that is right now 6 in the Eastern Conference four games ahead of the wizards. Wizards have won two straight heading into the break and they get the Knicks tonight. Other NBA news, the hawks and Quinn Snyder working towards a deal, a reports are that Snyder is the only focus right now for the Atlanta Hawks to become their next head coach after filing Nate McMahon firing Nate macmillan earlier this week. Capitals lose a 6th straight game last night first time since 2003, 2004. They have lost 6 straight like this in regulation at is a long time ago in Anaheim one for just the 8th time in regulation this year. Ovid did return, but it didn't really help four to the loss and then before the game Dmitry orlov traded after a great career here in D.C. and gone in Hathaway as well to the Boston Bruins, they're back on the court tomorrow women's college basketball tonight, number 7 Maryland on the road at number 16 Ohio State can still move into the second seed where the Big Ten tournament toward Wallace WLB sports. Thanks, G one 17, some good news to share now after WTO's Neil augenstein was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, three months ago. We're hearing now that treatments are working well. This is the first CT scan I've had since I started treatment three months ago. My targeted therapy is just one pill a day at home. The scans showed the lesions in my lungs are shrinking and that the cancer hasn't spread any place else. I'm feeling great. My nagging cough is gone, which was the only symptom that led me to get screened for cancer in the first place. From here, a CT scan every three months to monitor the progress in my lungs and keep ahead of any spread elsewhere. Neil Logan stained his outstanding. Coming up in our top stories, we continue to follow developments after a woman was stabbed to death and a man shot to death at a home

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