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Gonna flip you backwards and you're gonna you're gonna get hit in the but it's a boomerang and here's another example of that happening with these people trying to think trump out so struck literally tried to as we all know and this is from the director general the inspector general that literally struck did not act quickly enough on a clinton emails on purpose with anthony weiner he literally delayed it by one month and he also claimed that russia investigation which we all know is totally fake was more important member this guy was the deputy fbi deputy assistant director peter struck the deputy assistant director guys number two in charge and he said we're gonna stop it we're gonna end a candidacy the who's gonna win do you understand this this is like the stasi this is like the secret police or something okay the irony here struck delayed the clinton email investigation by a month and he said that russia's higher priority the i g says this was unpersuaded of this explanation was unpersuaded in concerning the fbi could have gotten a search warrant in late september but waited more than a month says the inspector general struck ironically enacting out of bias in slowing the clinton laptop review actually unintentionally slowdowns so it could come out perfectly right before the election and make her look worse but we clearly know the struck was not only biased but was actually trying to rig the election it was going to stop it i mean he's the number two in charge of the fbi he can do this i mean this is what the government should do the fbi is not there to be police in blind the fbi is there to take down conservative or populace that we don't like that's why they're there they're apprentice from getting a donald trump there to to prevent us if we don't like obama to prevent from getting obama even if you win we'll take him out that's why we have the fbi guys it's like putin's folks guarany of saying russia's on cropland when he's like putin taking people out that he wants to take out but the irony is he actually hurt hillary and help trump and now coming out it's helping trump even more we're going to put pause on this one we're going to get into at nine dr robert jeffers to tell us why america is a christian.

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