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She really liked her a lot in feeling like a real failure when this movie came up like she was gonna move like I said she was going to move back to, Australia, she was going to pack it in but she was. Friends with Nicole Kidman who kept saying something's GonNa come something was gonna come so. Far from tanker all but that was about it. That was what I knew her from also when I love her intake girl. Yeah, exactly. something. That I thought was interesting was Johann of talks about the casting procedure. and she says that like I, you make lists of who you think would be right for the relief roles. Right, and then you pick someone off that list and if they accept. Then, you start with the other roles. So just a little insight into the casting her her her process was very interested but obviously, Lynch's candidate process a little different. His tax is a little superficial I, think. A. Little Bit yeah I'd say so little on the super a little superficial site. He's looking at headshots going yeah. That's that this is the girl going yeah this. This girl. And then ler hearing this was interesting. She was talking about. First of all Joanna Ray met her because she had apparently done a movie for her son Paul Delray Yeah so Like this low budget film like a low budget film. So that's how she knew who she was. and. She was late to her meeting with David Lynch because she was in a car accident right and Said you've got like so excited when when she got the call to meet Lynch she was on the freeway and then bump the car in front of her. Then she had to call back and say, well, like Sorry I can't come in because I was just in an accident can they Michigan and? Yeah and she gets like you know that your character starts off in a car accident right? Like this is Kismet. There's that. And Pretty. Pretty, pretty scary. And Jessica through was in New York and so he had to send tape. So had a little bit more of a traditional. On. More of a crush traditional thing and then. He tells the story about. Montgomery seen. Yes. I love this. since he can't memorize his lines justin through was talking about these. So he knows that he's not an actor. So he's Hey, you wanna run lines of these. No I got it. I looked at it this morning he gets like three words in and it can't remember anything. So you didn't understand the memorize this stuff he didn't quite understand that. The depth of memorization. So He Suggested through so that they had to have his money Montgomery's dialogue tate suggested through's like forehead and chest. That's why they shot him from behind because. Looking to see if you can see like a little corner of a piece of paper. They did a good job of hiding it. But yeah, his, it's like the suit calls diaper. In us in the original Superman movie that Brando is reading from but Yeah, Monty Montgomery was friends with David Lynch, and so he liked he liked the look and thought he was good for and he's He's great..

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