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Well there's one thing that we do know for a fact that vice president carmela harris has never been to spain. Eat thirty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten k. of k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist studios so during a recent trip to guatemala. She had a sit down with nbc's. Lester holt and lester. Well pressed her on the crisis. I'm going to call it for what it is the immigration crisis at the southern border. Let's just say carmela didn't much like that. Just quickly put a button. You have any plans to visit the border at some point. I we are going to the border. We've been to the border. So this whole this whole this whole thing about the border. We've been to the border we've been to the board you haven't been to the border and i haven't been to europe and i don't. I don't understand the point that you're making. I'm not discounting the importance of the border. Funny it sounds that way. And then we got the signature. Kamala harris cackle. And what's up. What that cackle of. It's not funny. Joined this morning So pleased to be joined this morning by jennifer kern. She's of the noon nationally. Syndicated show all american radio with jennifer kerns publisher of all american news dot com by the way she served as a gop strategists spokesperson for the california republican party strategist for the colorado recalls over the second amendment and a writer researcher for the most watch. Us presidential debate of the twenty sixteen election cycle for fox news denver a pleasure. Thanks for having me so Vice president harris taken shots from both sides of the aisle for her rather perplexing performance and inconsistent messaging when it comes to immigration. Yeah you know. It's interesting it the bag as the office if you're a liberal Far-left liberal democratic party and even nbc and msnbc or critiquing. you know. There's something wrong there when that's happening I think something bigger my even. Be going on here though. Dale which is i think. The biden administration has given kamala harris a portfolio. That is broader than her capability. I think they've done that on purpose. You know they put her in charge of some of the foreign affairs and they put her in charge of other things including this massive border crisis. And i think the problem that she is not really equipped to solve not only because she doesn't have experienced previously in solving it. But she she just Is really out of her reading here. And i think the reason. The biden administration Has allowed her to wade into. This is a little bit of political rebounds. Yeah a lot of people. Forget that in twenty fourteen It was none other than comma harris wind. She was california attorney. General who who basically taint basically just completely spitball barack obama's a solution to the border crisis back then very similar in nature to the border crisis. We have now of barack. Obama actually did try to do something he started the two thousand fourteen secure communities act which basically said that. If you know if you are illegal immigrant or you're pulled over on a traffic stop you can actually an should actually be overturned to the federal authorities. I sent and so forth will come with her. Because the attorney general of california state nation also border state said no. We're not gonna do that. So she actually bucked the abidin obama administration plan and i think they have not forgotten that and i think that assigning hurt this massive border crisis which they know she can't solve is political payback for what she did to them seven years ago when i can't help but think jennifer that it's also personal because Just recently recently there were reports. Jill biden saying that harris should go do something unnatural to herself for her debate attack on. Joe will yeah. You're very right. Look at and we. We remember the contentious debate Wouldn't she Caller joe biden on his desire to not have But in to white schools and he actually said he didn't want his kids going to a racial jungle of those were his views on integrated schools. She really blew him up on the stage. And what's interesting here is by. Who was actually pretty smart and this he did the reaganesque thing. You might remember ronald reagan. When he was facing the prospect of having george h w bush be his shadow. You know bracket him everywhere. He went be his worst nightmare for the next four years and potentially run against ten ronald reagan. Hey i'm put george h.w. On the tickets that we can keep an eye on him like keep your enemies close you know. I think that's what they i think. That's what they've done here with comma harris. But i think there's something a play i think they really have given kamla a vast portfolio that they know she can't deliver on. She makes all out on her face and then she can't really run and win in twenty twenty four and other people who are really running the white house right now. Susan rice and friendship. Obama could actually move into that position. And i've long thought that if you fat flash forward to twenty twenty four. That's the intent with all of this as you so eloquently say to give her a portfolio things that she's just not prepared to handle they want to dilute the specter of any political power. That she may have yeah absolutely either. She's not from the obama world She she has a pretty high opinion of herself. I say this is somebody who lived under her reign of both thanks and Well san francisco be an attorney. General california before becoming. Us senator and yes she she. She's marxist to her own drum drummer She does not answer to. This opened the obama world. And that's a big.

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