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Casher shirty, Toconas posting the five hundred thousand dollar bond that afternoon emerging from court with a sweater overhead. At a navy race. It. For nearly two weeks. Multiple agencies have been searching for any sign of the fifth year old mother last seen dropping her children off at school on may twenty fourth new Canaan police now sending out this robo-call asking residents for their help in the search. If you have a surveillance video system at your residence or business, and it captures activity, we request that you save. The video is still behind bars. He has not posted on the prosecutor in court saying they anticipate more charges are coming a published paper to different headlines for unique research team here in the northwest. Komo's Brian Calvert explains the recent distinction for Oregon Health and science university. Getting your work published in a medical journal. It's one of the highlights in the life of a researcher. So it's fairly easy to understand why Dr Xu crop. Metallica is on one of lives. Highs this week. His job was to offer some perspective on the process of editing genes as a way to prevent disease and that perspective was published this week in nature medicine. Lots of people think that we shouldn't be doing genetic diseases using genetic tool that we use today. Revelations of the world's first gene edited babies in China last year led to calls for a moratorium on all research along these lines. He says the research can help though it can lead to the prevention of inherited disease because we have thirty eight but complete dancing is fitness therapy, will be Woody mean you know on the delivered to Beijing. So quite some yet, as proud as he is of the perspective trying to offer the researcher is beaming for a second reason, not only did he get published. But this work was completed with the help of his seventeen year old son. Paul, definitely learning curve, China understand all this complex terminologies, e Paul was interning for his dad this year and actually helped write this paper he decided to, to give him a co-op because he can do it. So my shit in the writing. So at age seventeen he's published in. The medical journal, has part of a dad and son research team. In case you're wondering Paul is hit it off to Stanford to study medicine next year. Point, the things I'd be like oh, wow. I made this announce this paper. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. There's some buzz on the internet about a swarm of bees that delayed a baseball game for nearly a half hour this past weekend. ABC's Scott Goldberg reports the Padres were hosting the Marlins in San Diego..

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