Donald Trump, Congress, Putin discussed on Michael Berry


And She's been testifying the past two days behind closed doors to members of. Congress, we're she's been telling, them I guess what she knows about these texts and everything else am I over there real quick because we good Awesome John Ratcliffe a congressman I believe from Texas Snuck out to the media and talked about what. She has been saying About. The texts and everything else listen to. This here we, go right here we go differences in in their testimony in many cases she admits that, the text messages mean exactly what they say as opposed to agents struck who thinks that we've. All. Misinterpreted his own words on any text. Message that might be negative wow so she admits to members of congress those texts are exactly what you think they are Those texts. Yeah they're exactly what you think they. Are they they, are out there and saying that we basically hate Trump we want to stop Trump will, do everything we can to impeach Trump we got to find out more dirt get more warrants. Try. To find stuff blah blah blah all. That stuff all that it's exactly what it means So what. Trump is up there yesterday And and. He actually, says we just played, it you know get the intelligence agencies but? Putin says it's on him and why why shouldn't Trump doubt the intelligence agencies after they literally. Were trying to stop him, from winning and once he did win they were trying to do. Everything they could to get him impeached I'm waiting for someone you can only if you'd like to. Explain you disagree with me, on this eight eight zero eight eight zero.

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