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Is news station is K. T. A. R. news ninety two three FM looking for a lawyer it's easy just go to AZ bar dot org that's the state bar there is on his website or find a lawyer tool will help you get an attorney in your area and give you important information about their background plus find plenty of great information on topics like employee rights or divorce or just how to hire an attorney remember it's all it's easy bar dot org the state bar of Arizona serving the public enhancing the legal profession sponsored by the steak burgers on air corporation with yours and broadcasters association in the station your child has cancer four words no parent wants to hear unfortunately it's still a reality for too many families because of you Arizona cancer foundation for children is able to fund the very best pediatric cancer research and directly support families right here in the valley because of you there there isn't a cancer foundation for children visit AZ cancer foundation dot org to see how you or your business can make a difference in the life of a child with cancer that's easy cancer foundation dot org I can be any age any nationality tracking knows no boundaries I am a big if you see me please tell me human trafficking resource center if you suspect someone may be a victim of human trafficking your call will remain anonymous this is an el county attorney Landau foils this public service announcement brought to you now can he turn his office rescue restore program hi I'm Steve Irvine every B. C. fifteen Arizona join me in Katy ramble on A. B. C. fifteen news weeknights at ten get complete coverage of breaking news and the most accurate forecast with amber summit weeknights at ten on ABC fifteen.

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