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Lopez Baseball is, back, already man Iraqis yet Cardinals are going thanks to mother nature Bank in April is five game series Brickley field that has started. This evening in the collective bargaining agreement I think the players are trying to work out where they would. Get themselves if they were not all-stars four days off buddy, would start back up on a Friday but this just can't be helped the centrally with all of. The rainouts and snow outs that happened the. Cubs really the ones that were affected Maybe the worst out. Of all the. Major league baseball teams I mean it was amazing early part of the season they had five games were cancelled. And span of about two and a half weeks or postponed I should say welcome in everybody I am. Cory Lopez this our last time together here on the network, for the all star edition we get back to network coverage tomorrow the Rockies will be in Phoenix. Jechorek and, Jerry Schimmel engineer producer Jesse Thomas Unbelievable ready headed that way as Rockies. Will open up, a three-game set. On the road against the Diamondbacks Monday off into come back here and take on a world champion. Houston Astros who we thought it was. A gut leading up to the all star game and again Rockies played, well It's a bit of a gauntlet coming out of the all star break is well, the Oakland a.'s were coming in they got a series with the brewers that will. Be coming, up as well Think about this though for. The Rockies five games, out of the last ten. Games they are eight and two eight out of their last ten they have one, they've gotten back to five hundred. At home on the road there are plus six twenty eight and twenty two The only real blip I see as I. Look at the expanded standings is that against National League West. Opponents they are, one game below five hundred twenty one and twenty two that. Is going to have to change a little bit That's probably gonna have to change a lot And with. Iraqi sitting at fifty one and forty five The. Over under to make the playoffs he's probably forty games you think about that forty games means you probably have to win something around the. Likes of, two out of three games that you play I mean you got to win a lot series Hey gonna make the playoffs, better, be, good, better, play, well, that's. What's, going, to happen near a blast two and a half months for the Rockies if they. Wanna make the playoffs. And I'm not just talking about winning the National League West the phone lines up three zero three seven three eight five eight five wow. Mark you, are quick to get to work here But let's start, with, this, let's, wrap, things up then. We're, going, to talk about the rotation for the Rockies I had an idea and, Henderson had an idea last night we talked to Tracy bring lesbian couple, of nights ago about where the rotation how they will set it up. This time around three on the road and then come back home and whether it'd. Be Kyle Freeland up top. Whereas you, just go ahead and go back to the way you had it again you don't have Chad, better she at he's got. To go into rehab starts. Here before he stretches. Out and gets ready to go but Antonio sense to tell Is going to be around if he is healthy enough. And is able to stretch. Out and, get some of those they feel like he's ready to go with a blister issues so how. Does that rotation set up We'll see Got. An idea matter, of fact I may have the answer. For you we're going to get to that here a little bit, later on and then we're going to do an expanded version of our down on the. Farm report Folks who listen and Rockies all access on. Saturdays,.

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