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The country, and it's one catch for nine yards. I think it happens. It happens when you're the best pass rusher in the nation and then you get stuck and Brian mckinney's bellybutton sometimes greatness does that. We see. We'll see what happens with Odell Beckham when he goes up against Jalen Ramsey greeding Williams is that kind of NFL prospect. He's an incredible player and we saw had successful on them later on and that you have to stop with. We had any success on anything about anybody against anything like, what? What success are you talking about? You were down thirty three to three because what what success is about players already? Three, two, three because players were winning their matchups. Okay. Thirty three to three winning their match. Well, you're over here sort of dismissing. The talent that they have on the offensive side. The wide receivers are incredible, which is why it's super frustrating when you have an inaccurate quarterback because against a really good defense in LSU, why only have a certain that was so incredible that they were down thirty three to three until they were a fourteen though donlevatar five, six one stugatz eighty-five six. Well this is our show with stugatz on the ticket. Greg. I might be in a Homer about what I saw on the field. I know that. Yep, I know that what happened on television was just a lot of people turning off their TV's because LSU was really giving it to Miami and it wasn't a tale of a few plays. It was just a thorough domination once again by the SEC right. I I think toward the end of the game, you am save face just a little bit. I mean there is a difference between losing thirty three to three and losing thirty. Oh, for the love of God, they I mean we won't go from one Homer. I've a worse Homer over here for the love of God. Fourteen bull blade points at the end and you guys are moral victory. Telling me all off season, they were a top five team full of the love of God. Are they boob Lee points? What? I don't understand why they're boldly points as a two possession game. 'cause LSU was playing its second-string and Miami at the end of the game was still running their starters out there. You do you know that LSU was planning? Yes, I do. Yes. I saw true, freshman Bryan Hightower in evidence in joke. Who is that? I for Miami out there. No, those are second-string guides to. There's there's reason to be hopeful because they were playing being made an the university of Miami just didn't make the place. I, I'm here telling you l. issues not a good team. That's a bad laws. It's very bad loss for the university Miami. They did win the fourth quarter. I may Mike is right about that. They won the fourth got a dominated the fourth quarter. I mean, and that third quarter it was it was sort of surreal being there because things escalated so quickly. And for that first quarter because your quarterback throw it right back to their linebacker. I don't know. Arable Dan. I know he was under pressure, but I still don't know where that ball was supposed that. No, I do know where it was the second. It was. It was the inside receiver on the slam. He just didn't. He totally read it wrong. Totally read it wrong, and just throw it right into the lap of the linebacker. But you're here telling me that I've trashed here. I'm trying to be fair to Malinche rosier. I know exactly who will leak Rosiere is and on a team that's super deep and super talented in might be good enough to get you. It might be good enough. I've seen it in the past where that to win that crud conference. Well, crowed conference might be actually win the coastal division. Yeah, yeah. I mean, the ACC for the last few years has been top heavy when their best goes up..

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