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Says it freed up the drivers and buses through a program that uses vans and SUVs to transport some students. Coming up in our top stories on WTO, actor Alec Baldwin is being charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deadly shooting on a New Mexico movie set. The US Treasury says it is now taking extraordinary measures as the federal government has hit its legal borrowing limit. Keep it here on WTO for more on these top stories in the minutes ahead. 1218. Time for traffic and weather on the 8s? Rita Kessler is in the WTO traffic center. While it seems like things may have escalated along 28 in Virginia, this was southbound 28 New York Chilean a crash now possibly involving an overturned vehicle watch for more response showing up to the scene and whether it's going to affect the northbound direction as well. We did have reports that the work was set up on the northbound George Washington Parkway between one 23 in turkey run, but I haven't really been seeing any delays. If it is, in fact, there you will stay to the right to get by 66 looks good, east and westbound. It is eastbound route 7, however, that is still crawling toward bula, which is usually due to a work zone, 95, no reported issues, three 95 in good shape in the district, I two 95 D.C. two 95 still at speed headed toward the 11th street bridge. No problems on inbound New York avenue coming from route 50 hit it all the way to the third street tunnel. However, southbound And San Francisco. America's number one sports book has all your favorite bets from the money line two points spreads to player props. Place your first $5 bit

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