Rabbi Goldstein, Oscar Steward, Harambee discussed on Sean Hannity


Sure this guy was caught that was Oscar steward describing how he stopped this synagogue shooter last weekend really a hero in in what happened here. The fact that so many shots did go off. And there was only one person killed that woman's name is Laurie K that woman saw that Harambee. Rabbi Goldstein was about to get shot and she jumped in front and took the bullet literally four the rabbi, I guess, no greater love have anybody then to lay down their lives for another human being, and where these people of enormous courage come from unexpectedly in the moments that matter it happens again. And again, you know, but of course, you get the predictable gun arguments almost almost within seconds by predictable. News media that has an agenda as relates to the right and rights of law abiding citizens to protect themselves and from two thousand and eight to Twenty-eight teen, you know with teachers now carrying guns in twenty states. There have been no school shootings at schools that let teachers protect their students in themselves. And for all the times. I have said there is an answer. We want to protect schools municipal buildings. Well, there's one answer. I would hire. Tired police retired military guys, and and maybe even in the case of surrounding schools. If you donate x number hours a week with your professional background, maybe pay no state and federal income taxes that would be a huge benefit to retired police officers and retired military personnel. But all these gun control debates of the same. They all go down the same arguments. And it's interesting because the people that are usually making them or people themselves that often have armed guards like Hollywood liberals or these politicians, and by the way, I don't think that's a bad thing. We've got to protect every politician. We've gotta protect any human being that might be in the in a public figure of sometime or subject at some type of attack or had threats to themselves or their families. But what about the rest of us? What about the rest of America? What happens when there is a home invasion? Newsradio seven forty KTAR h is activating the Houston area. Emergency alert system. Stay tuned. For important information..

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