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Restaurants customers, two questions here. Why do you think millennials are down? Why do you think those search for take down on boobs? Yeah, that's question one. Question two is more analytical, but you claim to be the world's oldest millennia. What are you having? Well, I also I'm not searching boobs. You are guilty of this very thing, but here's, here's what I would say. Is it because there are more boob jobs out there? That's no, that means show anything Mike. That's what I was going to say. Yeah, I might. Is that the the used to the, the influx of fake boobs have turned people off yet. I don't mind him because we're catching like the back end of boob jobs, the back. This is what I mean. He's not new. It's been going on for a while and usually time repeats itself was probably women are going right. It's I think it's like it's a trend right? Like like, Kate, Kate moss, who is? Yeah, years ago, that's not necessarily the model of of of attractiveness these days. I would like to lead the renaissance back. I'm a fan, but I go or other what I do think it's a little weird and antiquated that hooter still exists. Okay. Well, here's my next question that deadlines into this. If you were put in charge of all hooters restaurants, what would the new strategy? How would you try and get people to come back in a sense you might even rebrand it, rename it right. Well, I mean. Boy, you know, used to when I worked at w any w New York called it the hooters building because there is a hooters at fifty, seven and seven. I, I have a hard time believing that they're still hooters there. I don't know how I mean, I think first of all, hooters has great wings, right, and I love wings. And so that's one of my go-to places for for wings weather or and I'm not necessarily, you know up there. I'm not there for the for the boobs. Right. I guess you've got a rebranded as as food. I think it's a restaurant and sward sanitize it to like make it into a Dave and Buster's kind of atmosphere like Herat I would bring in like games you can play and, and you know, like I, I've always thought a great idea after really think about the rest gotta be a way to do. Here's, here's the tagline for the restaurant. It's a Vegas sports bar just not in Vegas. I think that's what you go for. They still have the, you know, the the Vegas, sports bars have the cocktail waitresses that you know play up the cleavage and all that stuff, but you're there for the sports. You're there that you know. So you can follow your teams and you can watch every game and you could do now. The gambling is turning towards legal. I would invest in states that have like I would open a whole bunch of hooters in New Jersey, and that's my tagline. It's a sports bar just not in Vegas, and and then you take advantage if. There and that that we would naturally change the narrative. That's an interesting idea is if you could gamble gamble there. Yeah. The other thing is the other thing that would get me there..

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