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What's happening with little boys in schools might now and the mainly concerned about the men in, you know that the vast numbers of men in prison the the boys. Are dropping out of school, the men that have not just dropped that aren't just unemployed. They're not looking for work. We've got, you know, able bodied men in their prime earning years who are not in the workforce, and we have an educational system that is not meeting the needs of men as well as women. And and when I look at women's problems because women do have serious problems, especially the feminization of poverty. If you are alone with children, it's very hard for women and given the jobs women do. So it's they need men, we need each other. So I don't really see it as separate at this point. I think we need kind of an egalitarian movement at that looks at areas where we could help men because when you help menu help women at this point in the United States and and and if you help women, you help, we need to. We're in this together. So the problem of poverty, the problem of single motherhood and all that you've got us. They've got to be marriageable men. If gotta be guys. It's not enough just to it used to be. You could graduate from high school and work hard. You could make it into the middle class. Now you you almost required to have college beyond high school. Some specialization and far more women are getting that than men. So we may end up closing the wage gap just by having a better educated women. But socially, that is the projections are not good for stable society is not good for the workforce and other countries are dressing that problem. So anyway, I do see problem, but the financial problem with women, but I think it's connected to man the most serious problems for women though, as you said, they're not in the west. I think there many parts of the world where they have not had two major waves of feminism. They haven't had so much as a trickle, and I go to international women's conferences and I meet women coming from, you know, some Malia and Egypt and Iran, which is kind of, you know, talk about a Handmaid's tale. That's nineteen Eighty-four for women. In many ways l. it's terrible for men too, but but I meet the women that are that are sort of the freedom fighters, the the Elizabeth Katie Stanton, and Susan, b, Anthony and Sojourner, truth of those countries. And it's very exciting, but American women right now, especially on the campus who have so much to give and who are so gifted and you know the here, you are at Wellesley and your spot and their turned in on their own oppression and not making common cause with these women around the world that that need help. And they come to these conferences. They want help from American women because we did liberate ourselves and they want to do the same. And I don't understand why are women's would wouldn't be so focused on making those connections. And you know, you go back in the eighties on the college campus with our partied in South Africa. And you know, the students were very focused on social Justice in South Africa, where are they today? On gender apartheid in in, you know, Saudi Arabia or something. They're mostly talking about apartheid gender apartheid in the girl scouts and boy scouts, or you know that we have separate, you know, the the, the language is all about in his of crisis for our society, which is not a patriarch, don't. It's come back to the United States for a second. It seems to me one of the big problems that I've seen particularly among men since we've been talking about men is this feeling of lack of purpose. And that seems like that's been exacerbated a lot by the false perceptions regarding gender and sacks that my contention is always been that young men particularly either create or destroy, and there's not a lot in between and I can see it with my two and a half year old. Boy, he's building blocks or he's knocking them down. Those are the only two things that he's doing it any given time. And usually he's knocking them down. Usually he's just a suicide mission. He's trying to kill him so fulltime and it's my job to stop him from doing that and society..

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