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You should put that on your real. You should totally try it. One more time is looking at me right now casting asks to see how I do if you if you were to do. The smartest way to hire. A movie trailer. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. You also look cooler when you talk picture. Yeah. I wish this was a visual podcast because people would be like, wow. Can you do know handsomer on podcast than I am on? We've had a couple hilarious guys on this past week. Yes, we do Sean Hayes and David Spade show. Sean Hayes, basically, Kevin Leman same favorite person love with him. I I adore shown really really fun. And he puts it in her place gun, you laugh the way he just takes Ellen on in such a funny loving way. But it's funny. Yeah. And Ellen the person who loves it the most is Ellen. Yup. Which is really fun all the writers love writing for him. So they pitch to do a monologue together with the Sean and Ellen. And it was like she said he said and the here it is. All right. So here's here's what I like to say today, you know, every every day I come out here, and I deliver a monologue. And I know it it. It looks easy. I make it look easy because I'm that good. But it's hard work monologue ING, everyday, I'm monologue, my ass off and it occurred to me that I can have someone helped me do them on law that that way it takes a little bit of pressure off of me. And if it's not funny, I say. Their fault. So that's what I'm gonna do today. So you know, him from his old show will and grace his new show will and grace. Please welcome, Sean Hayes..

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