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This performance. I tool was sacked. Just twice on monday offensive. Line clearly still had some work to do. There was an illegal man downfield at a pretty nice screen pass. i think it was And then there was another hold on. I think it brought back brought back pretty big perception. I didn't really keep track of the penalties But overall josh you have to wonder where these guys to come back with healthy we heard about liam aiken berg dealing with his bumps and bruises so when austin jackson to come back is there somewhere he can fit in elsewhere on this offensive line or is it just kind of going to be him as the backup cliff tackle or i mean we're used to kinda see it you know so and so doesn't work here. We moved them but if the dolphins are paying playing the best offense environment. I don't i don't really know where he'd sit in know. The first thing came to mind was right. Tackle net would just be scared of shit. Ever 'cause you know. Because i mean to his already running for his life jake gotta give a shout to michael because i mean you see the tape going around you know. Ck paired some of these other guys are focusing in on some of this offensive line tapes. Michael de look pretty good yesterday. You know he was opening up some holes making some plays and do you know it wasn't one of those players that truly stood out for his bad performance. So that's a step in the right direction from what we've seen previously at the center position before we move onto the defensive. Jake i mean we gotta give a shout jalen while i talked about a little bit at the beginning but caught four six targets. Sixty one yards. He had fifteen point three yards per. Catch that one touchdown. Waddell sixty one. Receiving yards are third most for dolphins rookie in their debut and the most miami dolphins rookie wide receiver in their debut. So jalen waddell making plays yet that critical. Drop but i mean. I think what we're seeing is my fear. One jalen waddell was drafted. Can these dolphins use improperly. Can they use some of that. Pre snap motion and give the playmate of the football. The answer's yes jake. The answer's yes josh. You couldn't be more right waddell. Also the honors of being on the elevator. The elevator victory monday honors at hard rock stadium. Those things are always pretty to see josh. So we kinda talked a little bit here about the patriots being eleven for sixteen on third down it did feel a little hollow. You know you go back to the facts. They didn't score more than a single touchdown. So just you think. This defense would have performed better. If it had a little deaf with those run stoppers. I if they kept some like project begin mckinney around. Or do you kind of think that this is just the way. The dolphins are kind of going to play their hand each and every week. Jake i mean. I really can't say. Because we're looking at large mckinney right. Now he's still out there. Team really hasn't kicked the tires on but i mean for me as soon as they made that trade. That was what i saw was guy that thumper can really help. In the run. Game i think landon robertson's sam guava and kinda split reps there so i. I really don't know what the dolphins plan is here. But i mean. I think one of the biggest things. Cutting into the season was Could they stop the run. Could they improve in. You know after we won. I really don't know if that's the case. I don't know how much rape want. Davis injury no obviously affected that. I mean he's that stood in the middle there. That guy that's an anchor and you know makes life easier for everyone around him. So that injury looked brutal. Thank god he no. He looked like he was up on the silent looked like he was potentially ready to come back in the game. Hopefully floor shed some light on that but Jake i mean for guy sits here and you know really loved that mckinney. Trade went on a rant for a couple of weeks. The how this was a game changer. I'm going to say you know if they would have been that lineup. It would be better but You know that's just me being a homer. Yeah exactly it just kind of one of those interesting talking points you give low roundup judge something like that. It's important to keep in mind. I mean bill bell check. he's gonna know heaven kind of stop. The miami dolphins defense better than anyone right. I mean he knows what's happening on this offense. It's no secret you know. It's not like it was later managed right. It's a spiderman so the affecting though in there and again you cut off your pony tail and beat the master at bad days. What's important and josh. The dolphins do have another pretty big test coming up with the bills but do a quick little. Look at how that game went. Josh allen was pressure. Why pressured up the middle lab at celtic something. The dolphins like to do you mentioned the rape on davis injury at. We're recording this on monday. Josh report shows monday wednesday friday throughout the season so wednesday will get caught up on all injuries. I mean hell. The dolphins are a good one of those teams guys seem to appear injury all the time. They seemed up a lot of the time. Actually have one of the logger injury reports for for some reason But josh abbey overall very happy. Victory monday monday we at j. brisket doing some pretty big heavy lifting for the dolphins to overawed setting performance. I mean woke up yesterday with a smile on my face and that smile never left. Then you know that's carried all the way through victory monday yet jacob i mean how can we not talk about colby percent coming in those games looking like lusaka played or larry czanka. I know a lot of fans were upset about that. But i'd much rather have the cobra set in their. You know running right up the middle and getting all these all these helmets hitting him and you know instead of our quarterback to ton of low. I do want to throw out. Pf ryan smith has dolphins safety. Giovane holland was the highest greater rookie league. One an eighty two point five overall.

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