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We joke around a lot on this podcast about the Bengals and otheir. There verse the change, and but this is more of an Lewis's sixteenth season. And they've never wanna play off. Hey, it's unbelievable. Need to make a move. What is going on? What are the photos has really think they on ownership? I think they will. This is another rap sheet was busy this morning. He he reported that it's believed Marvin Lewis is second year on his contract next. Year is not guaranteed and the Bengals can part ways with him. I I like that the fact that whether his contract is guaranteed or not would like decide whether he's coach the Bengals it might it really might Philip Lindsay six point one yards per carry on the season. I mean, we're deep we're going into week fourteen that's multi at as a wild amazing to have this lady. Does this? Do we give you credit for this pickup? Well, I believe after I believe another team wanted them. Maybe it was the dolphins and his mom convinced him to stay home because he's a local a local. Oh, no. There's no way. He was actually a little miffed at the Broncos for NAS Lindsey drafting him. I'm I'm I'm disappointed for Harris. He's a great player that he broke his, and it's disappointing for this defense because I would have liked to see what this team could do demonstrates. They were interested. They are what you're writing them off. Now, that's a tough loss. But they won the game. If and they still have an easy tries Greg because you like to move around. I'm not saying. Done. I'm just saying losing Chris Harrison, we'll see on Derek Wolfe. And Joe's lowers the bar of how good they can be. Let's check in with another wildcard contender in the AFC. Snap looking firing hot Davis. I see. That fit body ankle his tweet to defenders hater for the titans. I lied. Thirty six seconds to go. My keys titans radio with the call. Marcus mariota eleven yard touchdown pass to Corey Davis that CD with thirty six seconds to play. Josh mccown picked off a couple of minutes after that the Tennessee titans rally back for sixteen point deficit to beat my New York Jets twenty six twenty two. In ashville. That's naps a two game losing streak for the titans. And the jets have lost six straight a game in which. Yes, they scored the first sixteen points. They had a pick six they had a blocked punt. But because they have a washed up a very nice, man. And I keep hearing week after week because I'm probably the only person me and my dad watching jets games at this point. What a competitor. Josh mccown is oh, you know. What thing you gotta know about Josh mccown is he's a competitor. Oh, really the professional quarterback playing competitor. Okay. Thank you announcers. But he can't play. You can't move this team..

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