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The the national rifle association and i've been a member since nineteen seventy and georgia recently the new york times about a month ago retired supreme court justice john paul stevens said that the second amendment is a dinosaur it's no longer applicable and george i was wondering have you ever heard of a guy but a name a role in fries ler well he was you know george she was the head of the german supreme court under the nazi era and george what we have to remember about the holocaust it was all done legally hitler was duly elect duly a democratically elected and just because you elect the leader democratically does that mean that you're gonna preclude the tyranny and they all showed them exactly georgia my second amendment is the is the basic bedrock human right without which all the other rights are meaningless really paper rights george second amendment will not go away don't worry about that well hopefully not georgia you know people say that that that can't happen here but remember what the clintons did in waco george horrible situation to be sure first of all david carey should never have been doing what he did but at the same time a lot of innocent people got killed in that tragedy to be sure but folks let me tell you the second amendment is something that we need in this country because look at countries that are controlled by tyranny they're controlled by people who know that his population cannot be armed and they then do whatever they want and you can't do that you can't do that i know a lot of tragic can sick things happen on this planet in this world in this country and some of these horrible unnecessary shootings we've got to work on better ways to tighten things up i'm not opposed to that at all you know go to go to the age of twenty one better background checks and everything like that but you cannot do away with the second amendment because if you do that you do away with our democracy and our freedom in walt you know exactly what i'm talking about we're gonna come back in a moment here.

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