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And we know you're gonna love it as well. Rob may are you there you in Beantown you in Boston. I am here. I am in Boston technically Brookline right now because I'm okay? All right. So the Red Sox suck and tell us what's going on. Lots of stuff's going on, you know, I think the most interesting story of the year for inside, the I is this rise of China, and you know, a couple years ago when Elsa go beat the world, go player that was China's Sputnik moment, and if you're young and don't know what that means. You know, when when when the space race started the Russian synthesis delight into space in America was like holy crap. We're way behind we've got four NASA and get caught up and everything else. And that's what that's what China has done. They've invested one hundred fifty billion dollars into AI. They've started to pass the United States in terms of research and very controversial the people that I know that have worked in both environments have different points of view. Some people are like what China's the rising power. This is the new Cold War. They're going to win in the most important technology and history of the world artificial intelligence and other people say, none of no, you don't understand the the the sociological implications in China. They're going to they're going to prop up fail. They I companies they're going to make that investments and not flush out the system. Some of that stuff. A lot of the research is me to research, not not all that interesting novel. You know, it's it's tough to cut through the. The fog and see what's real right now. So I think it's going to be really really interesting to watch. That's the trend for twenty eighteen. And so the deep mind group created outfit, go at Google. Is that correct? Yes. So in a way, Google has poked the tiger. And now the Tigers roaring back and they're investing uncalculable amounts. We.

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