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Fire TV devices. Apparently Google Amazon are starting to do the make up they've kissed and made up which is great now. I can pull up Youtube TV on my fire device in my bedroom and scare the crap out of my case because Youtube doesn't police anything right and this is youtube or a Youtube TV which so you can watch TV. Oh right right right if you have a fire TV device. Do you need Youtube TV kind of if you're if you don't have cable if you don't have cable able if you want to just watch TV now. I tested Youtube TV when it first came out when I lived in Chicago it was God awful. I don't know if it's gotten any better you do. You can't run ended on a first gen fire TV device stick or TV but you know as as fast as they read these that could be like two months old who knows but anyway anyway. I'm glad to see that they're finally making up because it's just bad for consumers when these companies fight yes. y'All got to get along pain for too many damn things and a stranger things teaser trailer has dropped. We're not in Kansas anymore. I'm sorry we're not an Hopkinson whatever it is. I'm hoping this is last season. Listen I think it's I think it's time to wrap it up but I will watch it. Of course I'm GonNa Watch it. I I'm fine as long as I see. I'm cool with them. Keeping going as long as season four is okay but right now. I'm enjoying it so keep going keep going all right and the good places back then this is the final season for the good place and I watched the first episode already great writing. Hilarious hasn't missed a beat awesome pretty much the same yeah. It's good stuff good stuff speaking of things that are not good stuff though mister robot season four trailer is out in the final season drops on October sixth. All right talk gave up on it a couple of seasons back. I know I'm still watching it. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa see this through. I was actually thinking about going back and just binging one through three right and then I thought about it a little bit more and I'm like no. I have better things with with my life. I have a lot better things to do. I've been I've been diving into masterclass at night because instead of watching TV for like that last hour before bed or do anything else. I'll pop up my IPAD kick back and I've been going through learning how to make electric music with dead mouse. He's not the greatest teacher in the world I gotta say but he's an interest he's an interesting cat and I am getting some stuff out of it but not the greatest teacher in the world but it's still no fund to watch his process and watch him make a song in Abelson and man able to it's pretty swank. I gotTA say Yeah Yeah. Abelson is a great program. I I basically stopped writing music about when it became powerful enough to really do stuff with it so I I kinda missed out on a little bit but maybe someday when I've got some time and my kids in college eligible spin it back up and see what happens yeah yeah. It was pretty amazing though just to you know you can tell that he's been doing this for a long time because he's like he's like me and logic when I'm it's just like boom boom boom boom boom you. It's almost impossible to following yeah. That's why he's not a great teacher. It's like slow down Bro. Slow it down in the library. I've got two books this week. Brian no rights. They broke the rule and that's okay. I know we we we make these rules for a reason and the first book I have is all those explosions were. There's someone else's fault by James Alan Gardner. This is a kind of a parallel worlds story SORTA okay. It's it's on an earth that it has basically magic and superheroes okay so you've got dark lines in sparks potter and Superman kind of yeah yeah and it's very funny. It's extremely funny very well written and I loved it. I loved every minute of it so right. As soon as I was done I found out oh there's another one second one's called they promised gun wasn't loaded and this one it comes from a point of view because it's about the main thing is it's about four people who get their superpowers like right at the beginning of the book and it's four girls who live together in college in Canada and it takes. It takes place in a dream like that once. I'm sure you did oh man we see watching a lot of Qasr play before we went to bed or something 'cause house play and strange brew there you go and so the first book takes you know is from the point of view of one of the girls in the second book is from the point of view of another one. The other girls and it's got the on audible. It's got the same narrator which is really nice and for being written by a guy. It's very surprisingly you know well well done. I think this would have been written by women but it's not but it's I love these books. They are just awesome. You know it perfect popcorn books looks so I highly recommend him when you want something that is kind of sci-fi kind of fantasy but also really funny. I know okay yeah. This is like if Brandon Brandon Sanderson had a sense of humor. I that sounds great to me. I might actually have to give this one to go. You're GONNA love it. I think you're really excellent well. It may look like I I did. I broke the rule is well because I just finished eternity by Greg Bear but technically I did read a book in between it. I just didn't think anybody would give a shit about childcare books because there's a lot going on of my little kids brain right now. The wife and I are trying to figure out what's going on so I read a childcare book and then went into read eternity by Greg Bear which is technically book two of the EON series but they make it three because after he wrote this one he wrote a Prequel so that'll be up next I enjoyed eternity book a to not as much as I enjoyed book one but it was still good. It's a good universe. I'm glad I've gone back to revisit it and read the continuations of them but it's no it's not it's never gonNA be top. Tier Sifi. It's no foundation it's Dune. It's good it's good. What's the basic premise the basic premise it it gets a little complicated but humanity has moved on and moves into a hollowed out asteroid and creates this thing called the way which is infinity long the thing and they can open up open up portals to other worlds and universes but then somehow gets thrown back in time to right before they built the thing on earth and it gets really complicated but it's quite good okay. Now it's hard. It's hard sci fi so it's it's a lot of physics and craziness like that so it's it's really good a really interesting excellent okay. I got a little story about face it a memoir by Debbie Harry. Yes there's a lot of a lot of news about this. What's going on right now. Somebody made a boo-boo. Somebody made a boo boo so I was going to buy this over the weekend because the kindle version was fourteen ninety nine. The hardcover was thirty bucks twenty nine okay. I'll just pick it up on kindle and I'll get it tomorrow because I just didn't feel like doing it from where I was at because I was on my phone and you have to go to the browser houser and do all this stuff because it's a electronic book that you can't buy the Freakin Amazon. Thank you dumbest thing ever because Apple Yep so even though you know Amazon did find a workaround for the audible APP because now you can actually buy books in the audible will APP if you have credits already because technically you already paid for it. That was their workaround but we don't have kindle credits yet so yeah. I'm like okay 14.99 so Monday. Reload the page. Kindle version has jumped to twenty. Five ninety nine in the hardcover dropped twenty five sixty seven. What the ridiculous ridiculous yeah there are a lot of people who are very irked about this me and my roommate for starters because we were both going to buy it don't not I'm not GonNa buy it now but then I start to read the reviews on Amazon which are coming in right now and they are scathing. Yes apparently it's not good. No version is is useless. Yeah it says this is not readable and kindle version at all. It's formatted to read landscape and you can't adjust it to read vertical nor can you adjust the font sizing the way it's provided. The Fun is incredibly small plus. They are dozens of photographs in the book also which really are meant to be viewed in color well whatever on that one but the fact that you cannot not change the orientation or the font size kind of defeats the purpose of it being on a kindle. I didn't even know you could do that. I thought kindle had standard that you had to fit into into that. All all that stuff was adjustable. That's crazy. Apparently not apparently there are ways to lock it down and they did. They provided it in a non standard format something that right yeah. There's a lot of people are complaining about this and also the fact that the price is so damn high yeah. There's there's no reason and a an e book should cost the same as a hardcover or even close to here's the thing all the press all the press recently about this book. I think they just got really jumped up. I checked it this morning and it still at twenty five ninety nine for the kindle version. I WanNa read it too but I'm not paying that for it and I'm certainly I'm not gonna pay for something. I can't modify and read exactly because I got to change the font size. All the time depending on you know would time of day even like in the morning I can read smaller fonts. That's but in the evening I need that thing. Giant so being old is awesome. Oh yeah it's it's fantastic so hopefully by you know in the next week or so. I'll be able to read it is gift. They'd knocked the price down. I'm not GonNa go to Sweden for it. I want to pay for it so yeah me too. I I really WanNa read it but I'm definitely going to wait until they get this all sorted. Yes seriously come on Amazon off. This is a follow up for you Jason. Because at one point in time you did to test out the auto blow the auto blow to yes the auto blow to well. They've got a new version out now the auto blow a Oh yeah a sex toy that promises in this is in quotes surprise now. I'm not sure how much surprise one wants. When kidding a blowjob surprise surprise can go many different ways and many different things but there you go so what I particularly liked about this review is this could have come straight from us? At least this first paragraph the the free artificial intelligence conjures all sorts of ideas about synthetic consciousness that knows better than we know ourselves but it's more often holidays as a buzzword providing a little excitement to systems systems that just identify patterns..

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