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You can't get out of bed before before we get started I want to have before we get started with the interview. I'd like to send a shout out tall you longtime lime. Ninjas are the reason we have half a million downloads and each week we have listener show new from all of the world from Hong Kong to Tel Aviv leave now a little bit more about marquee is the CEO of Zone a health now. Zona is a handheld device which is used is to improve cardiovascular health. McKay has been using it for a little bit now and has been really interested in this device ice and also the results that he's seen so without further ado here is the interview with Mark Young Lamarcus McKay repeat from line manager radio the Nice to see you McKay. Thanks so much for having me today. It's Kinda funny here because we've been chatting now for forty four minutes and fifty three seconds and and now you push or about now we pushed the record button and we're getting going here so if if you're listening to this and you kind of feel like you're coming into the conversation in the middle title you are but we're going to our best backup and make some sense of this and some more tell us how did you you mentioned a little bit about your background so you bounced all over the place. But how did you get hooked up with fighter pilot technology and becoming a medical device manufacturer. I mean that's not normal path for anybody. Yeah you don't you don't deliberately end up here. I'll agree with you there. Yes as I was telling you might career has been a little bit strange because I'll say that I I've kind of moved into a lot of different things but it's all been because of passion and I've always followed you know my heart on that kind of stuff which sounds cliche but it's true specifically now working in the cardiovascular world but in doing that what I'll say is I became aim acquainted with Zona. quite a few years ago when Zona actually had already been in a business that was in place and became acquainted with Zona because I'd actually worked with with multiple different companies in the medical device space and interestingly enough was contacted by Zona specifically to work on in projects that they were working out so through mutual acquaintances ended up being connected with with the team there worked with Zona actually invested in zone zone. I believed in the product so much that actually put cash into the business in addition to doing that. I ended up staying connected business for many years and eventually ended up becoming coming to CEO of the company which is kind of interesting my background was mostly McKay. I'll be honest with you can tell you that I've spent the majority of my career in higher education working at colleges ages and universities both as a university professor as well as administrator multiple different campuses throughout the country so my background's in education and as as as we discussed prior that everybody else doesn't have access to that because there was no reporting as we discussed prior it's like I'm also a bit of a fitness enthusiast so the fact that working with the product and with a company such as Zona that provides the fitness related thing be the all natural non non-pharmaceutical solutions rise right up my alley and the fact that I get to work every day helping people and educating them on why product like this is a perfect perfect alternative to pharmaceuticals and I don't know if I'm answering your question or if I'm going too far but the reality is is the using using science like we have with the Zona plus is a it's a counter cultural solution specifically loving it is it's it's very counter cultural and as you and I were discussing author he the biggest thing that we see today particularly in the medical field and and not any kind of criticism towards the medical field to people in the field that are that are listening but I would say that as a culture we seem very farmer pharmacologically dependent and there seems to be a hill for everything and the reality is in my experience. The side effects are are worse than the symptoms that the pill is trying to cure nine hundred ten cases. an doc wallet does fix the problem is a lot of things that come with it and you actually interestingly enough gave him give an analogy and told a story about patients of yours. That would commend you. Give you'd ask him to give a health history. Tell you everything was fine. Nothing's wrong. Everything's good I'm in good health and then they give you a a laundry list of of prescriptions that they're taking and and there's just this disconnect in your mind. What was it would be fine if everything's working so why are you on all these medications and and the reality is is that it's just become normal the it's just become normal men in my life if I have to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription normally. It's like an antibiotic because so you know I caught a cold or whatever it's a weird event. Go pick up a prescription in my life. and I know so many people that it's just normal. That's what you do on Thursdays you know so. I I love being part of an organization that is able to get people out of that mindset and educate them to alternative solutions to to life circumstances such as high blood pressure or in many cases even some of the other other things that were able to to address using the science and you give them an alternative to tha that prescription living that dependency you know there's this phrase that started to creep around you know it's stay in your lane right and the thing is as a human being is you need to have access to all those different lanes and not I I think as physicians and even sometimes a- as an acupuncture we get our ego get attached to our lane and we don't want people leaving our lane so we'll we'll we'll fight for them to stay in our lane when really what they need to do is move out and I love that you said that you know. Zone is counter cultural device in as an acupunctures that does rank drew's like Slough. I ended up in acupunctures acupunctures like Yep. We're going to do something against the flow here and then stick needles and make him feel better. Larry's three though it's so true and I love that counter cultural anything and maybe that just speaks to my personality but I'm always trying to disassemble everything in my mind and come up with a better solution like there's gotta be a better way to do this better mouse trap kind of mentality and and I'm always you know again. I'm always in my mind trying to disassemble everything to find a way that we can make it better and this is a solution that I just literally and using myself as I was telling you all fair yeah you know still this whole idea of I love speaking to physicians who have a previous life as has an engineer because they approach medicine at as an engineer they wanNA break it down. They WanNa know what's making it work and they want to make things better better and not always like a thousand times better but just a little bit of can we do this a little bit always ask the question can't break do this in a better way and that's not a physician conversation conversation and I'm going to insult some people out there but if you are a physician or health practices during you have that mindset your year unusual you know your bid a little counter counterculture with within your culture there most of the physicians are busy and are interested in doing the right thing so they're following the protocols that that have been laid out for them. There's less and less space for creativity within within the profession now the other thing I want to bring up but just in terms of lyme disease. One of the side effects that some people get with lyme disease is their blood pressure skyrockets right for there's no apparent reason they're just something breaks down in the management system so your device will be directly applicable to to that subset set of the population. A lot on the other side are actually dealing more with pots things the posture What does that Ortho static whatever Taika anyway you stand up and you get faint right your blood. Pressure doesn't adjust quick quickly enough and you know for for that side of things it does does zone regulate both up and down or is it just kind of only been shown to to reduce blood pressure. That's really interesting that you say that because one of the things and we're actually in the process right now of going through a very large clinical study that that we've you know put out to make stronger claims about the product and so on which I'm like. I can't even tell you how excited about this and I'll give you some statistics on that in a minute but you're specifically speaking if I'm hearing you're talking about Ortho static hypertension. Yes thank you yep and what what is for instance the blood pressure in the body drops during during you know some kind of what I'll say a reactive activity like for instance standing up to fasting upright something really difficult standing seriously seriously but as a person stands up too quickly and then as that person stands up too quickly to blood pressure drops suddenly and and been doesn't self-regulate fast enough interestingly enough that's part of the study that we're doing with Zona and part of the reason behind it is because says that's part of having an increased blood pressure because the blood pressure. It's not just that it statically stays high. It's that it fluctuates too much. for instance one of the things things that we measure with the device and the device doesn't measure for the average user who's using it at home but we measure it in clinicals. That's one of the things we do is after are using the device you know and we haven't really described the way the device works. I probably should step backwards and walks with a treatment looks like so all of this makes sense to somebody thirty year. Let's do that yeah so I'll get back to the point talking about or static hypertension but so there's only device but those that are listening while explain to as it's a hand held device kind of looks like a it gets described as looking like a star Trek phaser or looking like a scanner at a grocery store checkout but the reality is. It's a hand grip. It's a hand grip with the display and what does owner does it uses isometric therapy isometric of course the Latin words were being equal measurement and isometrics is is a is a is an anaerobic exercise and what it is is it's holding us something and making the muscles stay at an exact measurement over a prolonged period of time and as an example what you see is the differences. I was explaining to McKay moment. Ago Is the difference between doing a sit up versus a plank in a sit up as aerobic exercise. A plank is anaerobic. It's holding things at a static up. I'll say pressure but at a static resistance level was Zona does it. It's a hand grip and moving from your right hand to your left. Hand it measures. There's enough time you use it. The maximum squeeze that your body is able to do today and some mornings. I'm just I'm just my body's not as strong as it is other mornings and eh can't squeeze it as heart but it's okay because Zona actually uses algorithms to calculate your maximum grip strength for today and then it has you calibrate right hint calibrate left-hand then you actually do a two minute therapy on your right hand what it does is it actually forces you to stay in an exact thirty the three percent of maximum grip strength for a period of two minutes you rest for one moment you.

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