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Let me ask you for the people who are in relationships because this is again, one of the home. If you're stuck in a relationship in the sex is bad for whatever reason, he's not he's not big enough. He's not freaky enough. He doesn't fuck you enough. What advice do you give to our listeners who are in relationships and the sex just ain't good? I think when you're stuck in a rut with sex, and it's just not good or you're not getting enough or things like that. Obviously you have to make sex becomes something that's exciting because the current idea that the person has of sex. They're not interested in. They don't wanna fuck you or they're not to invest it. And it's just like, blah, you have to reinvent what the fuck sex is between the two of you. Right. So something I did once with a dude I dated we weren't having bad sex. But with just was becoming more boring. So he booked a hotel room and told me that I could pick up a key downstairs, and that he'd meet me in there. And the whole thing was us to pretend like he was paying me for it. Like, he just had me. Come. And so I got there. And I shook his hand I told them my name, and I was like you wanna. Use a condom because if you don't it's extra even though even fucking for years, and it was like a really fun thing. We did it was really playful and getting to know each other and kind of just like trying to spark it up, and there was times where like we got in and out of the role playing laughed about shit. But I think that if we can start doing that if we can start making sex a little more fun when it comes stale, then our partners are gonna wanna fuck us more. We lived on that high of that one hotel thing for like months like it was mad. I love that. He was like first of all, where's Sherry that was the Mojo. I don't know where that Sherry. I don't Jerry was your sex. Ho name like dirty, Diana like, I alter ego with Sherry hilson on porn hub at the time. Sherry hilson is I think it's you know, what I'm talking about. Oh my God. You know, it is no Sherri hill is he said your name is. Oh, it might be cherry. Did. She find it. Because it's like she looks like Kerry can can the camera guy up nodding his head like, oh, yeah. I don't care to Sherry and she did this. She by she does we sharee hilson. So you know, I like rocky, and that's how I found her except she did the Makaki. I don't like is when they get all the white men in a room, and they do this southern thing. I can't watch this. They they they they wear like fucking confederate flags. Oh, na. But I didn't know what it was. I just typed cocky, right? A lot of you late and. Yeah. Got crazy. That's one of those where you end up in a goddamn rabbit hole. I was like goddamn born. Let me try to just pull her Keri hilson, featuring cherry hilson, their unofficial music video because way, they have unofficial. Like a loaded. Well, I'm gonna look her. She's fucking hot. I'm gonna watch it. I'm down for. She's really fine. I just love any porn where women are like good looking when I'm like me. Don't you? She looked like Kerio thin. I know she's in looks pretty fucking titties Thursday. In a baby. Keri hilson. You'll get the fuck outta here you trust. What is wrong with y'all? Oh comments supposedly their first cousins. I am dead. Ovid diabe reading the comments August, I love it. I read the porn porno comes to see what I'm saying to light. And maybe give you minute more up thirty nine thirty one one at the face. Yes. Which I mean, looking at comet so I never I will see here. I want to sit here and give a huge shoutout to save on from the Joe Biden gas shadow also the porn hub apparently listened to the job podcast. So they got all these free coz for premium and he gave me free premium for a year..

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