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The republican party used to have their corbeta in the upper income suburbs across the country and those are the if you live in the state outside of a high tax northeast and then california most voters in in embu fit that category in those tapes are going to see a pretty sizeable tax cuts and why did you make the point that says the as you say the clearest argument against the legislation that it would blow up the deficit is one that's tough for democrats to make explain that yeah i mean democrats like to party bike to spend money the deputy to win political support by spending federal money knob governor got like like that i won't government programs as part of their their their wish list player they wanna have what people covered under medicaid they wanna have you know more more uh you know benefits go into people the middle to lower metal company mobilink come elements of of of the bracket but feel republicans were the tax cut they believe in and give it more people uh the ability to spend our money the way they see fit so we would never have never into for ducts at hawks they may of arguments cleveland making it may relate to because the amount of deficit financing that is to build can intel but that's not what the democratic party is traditionally been all about and after the obama administration they they spent a lot of money a lot of money that booth you know ended up being paid by taxpayers later often we're speaking with josh kraushaar politics editor at national journal about his piece entitled the political case for tax cuts you said the white house's ability to sell legislation is poor how come boliko baker at one point to the point of it took only thirty percent of americans favor dave of his plan and you know majority a clear majority are against it enough to have a strong quite a democrat paavo in in in there yet further case on the other hand aggravating trump touches be associated with donald trump automatically have almost half the country being opposed to no matter what the rationale no matter what the merits or drawbacks are upset legislation so i'm not mike but other argue in the.

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