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I like the idea of like take your time with the show and looking forward to stop and you have binging, look, I'll probably, you know, I got one and a half apps. And by the way, a show to hook you right away. Like I think there's just so much stuff now we're also ADD like this show from the get-go like the first three scenes are just like everything you wanted it. You get enough Clooney, you get into it all the characters, and you get like action. You know what I'm saying? It's really just like, oh man, I have no option but to watch all of this if it wasn't so late, I probably would have. But again, I liked the idea of, like breaking it up, and I'm going to Seattle this week, and I'm looking forward to like having a night when I get home from shows to watch a couple of more, you know what I'm saying that I love. Yeah. It's an easy watch. It's an easy watch. Every episode is like forty to forty five minutes, the writing is, like writing if you're a fan of like Clooney, when he's in those Coen brothers movie where where captured into that, for sure. And tolerable cruelty type writing where it's just Bobo Bobo. And then this shows view, because the writings, really sweet, Luke Davies and David Michaud, who wrote it, Luke Davies wrote lion. So he's nominated guy. Wrote animal kingdom while okay? Ching. The new movie with Timothy shallow may the king. So were like these guys wrote Geely and airbud six and they just somehow. They, they just clicked collect. They were able to adapt going to roll the dice. Just big World War Two buff. That's that's how they got it. Right. Who would have Would've thought? thought they had airbud Nazi Germany waiting in the wings. That just couldn't get people to jump on board and funded vibe does the golden retriever. To be called cans back. How did you how did you get this part? I send in a tape actually, and that's it. Really, I mean I send it to taper one of the characters in it, and the casting director who I hadn't ever met. Rachel tenor, who I? Oh, so much to and Rick Messina the two of them. I'm so grateful to them because I never gone in for an audition with them on tape a mine. They said you know he's this was good. But he's not ready for this, but he might be right for this guy. Yeah. And they have no they don't need to do that. Right. So many people are trying to get a rare show cause was Clooney already attached at this point. Clooney's attached. It shooting in Italy for three and a half months is so who doesn't want to do this? Everybody wants I was praying that I would get this job. Yeah. Any role on the show. And so I sent it another tape and. Yeah. And then her back shortly thereafter, just hear from Clooney or just from the casting, the Cavs, and Greg there, but it's pretty wild because, you know, that it's Clooney who said, this is the guy hit us on often you he's the guy who think he was just sitting there like Clooney and grant. What's this guy's name? Jane, can you bring me in us? Bresso. W. Just always with him. He's. Yeah. He's bringing ops. That coffee. Yeah. Dude, that's crazy. He signed off on you. That's the first sign of like fuck you, right? Like that's you, you put that in the I don't know if you put that on your resume or walk up on stage so that credit. But maybe you, do you signed off on by Clooney. Dude, that guy literally think of somebody more you can't. That's a in the business that you just like one to have a beer with. He's just be in his world. But then also like, have the approval of right. There's nobody cooler than George Clooney. In Tampa fights hip now asked but then you're probably thinking yourself shooting in Italy. We're probably going to go on the weekends to his house on lake. Vice. Okay. I, I brought to suits with me to the on my trip because I'm not that Clooney would be inviting me, something right? I never. You never invited me to come..

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