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Charlie blackmon homered and flied out deep left center and he takes a called strike with a fastball the the the sterling homerun thomas because she ohka the homerun stoker maybe he said it with like a boston accent stone homerun store the guy shoko with the homerun stoke zeev like that would fit exactly the pitch in it's a swing in this strike jim fastball i mean maybe a little bit of a stretch well he there's a lot of guys to come up with phrases for true but most of are pretty entertaining h hashtag im hbo here's the pitch i'm flip in the field for a basic that was a sinking fastball and on an old to pitch perhaps a little more strikes so that he wanted it was great defensive swing by blackman looking at the replay it really wasn't in the strike zone at all that ball was down around his ankles that's that's pretty good hitting by charlie blackmon that ball might have bounced into buster posey's glove if he had not swung at it at all blackman is two or three here comes our anata with two men on nobody i the giants that's guys up in the bullpen doing some calisthenics stretching.

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