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So I said earlier, we're going to meet the team of from the employers supported the Garden reserve here in Minnesota. And joining me now is Tom Symonette chair the employers supporters Garden Reserve and Bob Boone. The str bus lived coordinator, Gentlemen, Welcome to Minnesota Military radio. Thank you, Tom. Thank you, Tom. The colonel. Want to start with you? Ah, Can you tell? Give us a little background? How many years did you serve in the Air Force Reserve in the Minnesota Air National Guard. I said in my career with the military back in 1972 Working as a jet mechanic for aircraft with two engines it cannon Air Force Base and Homestead. And then I Kept on serving overtime and finished the 36 year career with the guard in Minnesota, with 1 33rd Airlift Wing and then finally as an emergency preparedness. Liaison officer with the airforce reserves. And I retired in January of 2014. At the rank of I retired as a rank of colonel in the airport. Very good, sir. And, Colonel, can you tell us? How did you get to the employer supported the garden reserve. I know you've been sharing that for a few years now. I started when I was a reservist, both in the guard and the reserve. I heard about the program. And so I submitted my boss for a Patriot Award. And how employer support of the guard reserves. Took care of my boss and nature that they will recognize for the fine work that dated and supporting my military career. I realize just how important that programme once and I started out as a Volunteer. Presenting Patriot awards two great companies around the state of Minnesota. And then just slowly, but surely got involved more more with the leadership team that was installed or with str during the 2000 and 2000 and 10 time period. Very good, sir. And Bob Boone. I understand you serve 38 years, is enlisted Soldier CEO with Minnesota Army National Guard and served in the position of command Sergeant Major for the rebel division. And a state command sergeant Major for Minnesota. That was quite a career, sir. How did you get over to the cars, Bus left coordinator. Well, quite frankly, I was honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. For the Minnesota Army National Guard in 2011. And one of the people attending was Brigadier General Neck. Oster. Pinkel. With that time was chair of the str. And Nic and I have been friends since I was a supply sergeant in the officer Tamponade school, and he was an officer candidate. And he asked me if I would be interested. Yes, Jr. And I said, Yes, I went through the background. And served as a volunteer for region for And then was asked Like, um If I would come in and Worked on making Bosch lift a stellar program for ee str and stated that in coordination with Can quickly 1 33rd on the 9 30 force Air Force Reserve Wing. Well, my certain, uh, that way. Start major. I know General Lester Bank. Oh, he can be very persuasive. So you didn't have a chance, Certainly, but it's a It's a great organization and Colonel Symonette, can you tell us what.

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